• Timekeeping Module


    The timekeeping module has not been working since Saterday.  Is this being attended to?

  • Opening Balances and VAT adjustments

    Hello there.

    Please excuse if this is a very ignorant question, but i am perplexed.

    If one captures an opening balance for an account, or a customer or a supplier or a bank account, or if one does a VAT adjustment, the system goes and puts a value in…

  • Custom Layout Designer - Add a field with a fixed percentage of a different field

    Dear everyone, 

    I hope you are fine. And hopefully someone can help me :) 

    I made a custom document functioning as a payment request (on basis of a quote) in Sage One/Accounting, but I would like to add one field - a field, that shows "Remaining Balance…


    How do I handle "supplier return" for an item in a multi-item invoice? "Supplier return" brings up the whole invoice, but the return is only for one item in that invoice.

  • Allocating Supplier payments with discount

    Good day, 

    I have been struggling with allocating supplier payments with a settlement discount. When I allocate, I select the invoices that I am paying, but the discount is not allocated to the invoices. 

    Do I do this manually or is there a faster way…

  • Custom LayOut Designer

    Good morning

    I hope someone can assist me. I am looking for someone that can create a custom layout Quotation and Invoice for me. Unfortunately my Accountant can not assist me with this.

    Please let me know if there is anyone that does this and what the…

  • Exporting Quotes


    We need to process about 120 quotes using Sage One Accounting

    Is there a way to process 1 quote and then export this, so that we can complete the other 119 quotes in Excel and then import into Sage again?


  • ERROR 504

  • Inventory Management fo Multiple Warehouses

    Hi, Please can someone recommend an add on module to help me manage stock in multiple warehouses on the sage one business cloud accounting platform.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Scheduled Maintenance | 5 July 2022

    Sage Accounting will be undergoing important system maintenance on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 for 6 hours between 18:00 and 00:00.

    Please note that you will not be able to access Sage Accounting during this time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause…

  • FNB FICA Requirements | Bank Feeds Notice

    Please note that after 3 July 2022, FNB clients will be required to submit FICA documentation for all users linked to an FNB account. This legislative requirement requires the primary user (main FNB Account holder) and secondary users (e.g., accountant…


    My clients information were changed without showing on the audit report.

    I am currently using this audit report as evidence in a lawsuit and now I cannot rely on Sage to be a secure system. This is not just a system issue. It has become a legal issue…

  • Intercompany Loans

    Where do I create an Intercompany loan? Can I create it as an expense or does it need to reflect on the Balance Sheet of the two companies.

  • Cash Invoice on Sage Acccounting

    Good Morning,

    I have a query - I have a coffee shop and I am trying to capture the sales invoices for the day (Cash sales).

    I cannot have a option to capture a cash sale directly to a cash customer (GL Account) and affect my inventory as well.

    I had…

  • Accounting Intelligence Reporting Not Working

    Hi All,

    I work for a group of companies all of which are on Sage One Accounting.

    When I enter into Accounting Intelligence Reporting and Upload my company data only the following reports work - Financial Management Pack, Dashboard Accounting, Financial…

  • Custom Layout Designer - Total fields

    I need assistance with customising a total field for commission and a cession

  • Customer Tax Invoices not update

    Unable to edit a customer tax invoice by deleting items. It keeps loading. after retrying more than 10 times without any change, when it eventually deletes the item entries, the hours under 'Time Entries, Invoice time' increase dramatically, i.e from…

  • Customised Invoices

    Good day 

    I urgently need assistance with customisation of Invoices for one of my clients. 

    My client has a contract with Shoprite Checkers, and they require certain details to be on the invoices.  Thus far they have been using excel and just to catch up…

  • link from Sage to Excel

    Good morning 

    Currently Sage accounting cant link the Sales Orders with the purchase orders. I would like to do it in excel.

    Is there a way to set-up at link to excel with only refreshing the sheet?

    Thanks for the advise in advance 

  • Sage One - Is your system hacked?

    Do you know whether your system is being hacked?  One of your clients got an email regarding updating billing information with a very weird-looking email address.

    Billing Problem

    Oops, we are having trouble renewing your Sage One Accounting subscription…

  • Supplier Invoice Customization using Sage one Custom Report Designer

    I would like to be able to design my supplier documents (Supplier invoice) per page i.e. the first page has its own layout and subsequent pages have their own.

    Specifically, I want the total balance on the invoice footer to appear only on the last page…

  • FYI Sage development team - you have made a server-wide BOOBOO

    Support, please escalate this to your development team:

    At around 15h00 today (27/01/2022) someone pushed a button and activated multi-currency features for everyone, or removed the incorrect restrictions in the back end. This means that many / all of…

  • Bank Feed Review - Suppliers No VAT default


    Why is it that some of my suppliers on the Banking review page, have VAT set as a default NO VAT which cannot be changed? I have checked the suppliers accounts and they are set to standard VAT and they all have their VAT numbers in place.

  • Cannot verify my banking credentials

    When I try to update/verify my banking credentials (for Standard Bank) I keep getting this error message. I have been since the day the bank stopped refreshing.

    I've just about had it with Sage and it's endless problems. I might as well purchase another…