• Import Issue


    I am importing GL Accounts from a CSV file.  

    The problem arises for Cost of Sales and Admin Expenses account types where they are being modified to Purchases.

    We cannot also amend it by Editing as this is not an option.  Only the View option appears…

  • Accumulated Depreciation


    Is there a way to add Accumulated depreciation account for non-current assets like in Sage 200 other than processing Journals and treating it as expenses?


  • Inventory Item Weights - Sage Business Cloud

    Hi Everyone

    Does anyone know how one could add product weights to Sage Business Cloud? If this is possible, I would then also like to add the total order weight in the invoice designer in order to process a transport quote. We now have to calculate weights…

  • Opening Balances with Trade Payables/Receivables


    I am new to Sage Accounting and trying to open balances for the GL accounts.

    I can go in each account and choose a date and amount for each GL account I have created.

    However, how do I open balances for Trade Payables/Receivables being System accounts…

  • Foreign Currency Module


    I have just subscribed to the sage online platform and creating my accounts and opening balances.

    Is it possible to register and use Foreign Currency module anytime after this or should it be done initially?

    Any useful links or videos on how to use…

  • Journals not posting

    none of the journals I posted and reviewed are showing in the GL or the reviewed journals.

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting | Important Service Update | 15/12/2021

    Dear Customers 

    On Saturday 11 December, we carried out a planned migration of our Sage Business Cloud Accounting data center to AWS. 

    Despite extensive preparation and testing by our teams, on Monday, under peak load, we experienced capacity challenges…

  • SBCA | Service Notice | 14&15/12/2021

    We understand that some Sage Business Cloud Accounting customers are experiencing slow response rates and delays in seeing data created on the service. Please note that the data is being captured and there should be no need to duplicate the records.


  • Creating specific GL Account for Service Items

    In Evolution 200, we had to create groups of items and a particular group will have an Inventory, Sales, Purchases account that we could set.  For example, service items pertaining to Accounting will have the Inventory field set to "Accounting Sales…
  • Quick Books data migration to SBCA

    Good afternoon, 

    Can a data conversion from Quick Books Desktop be done to SBCA?


    Can someone please assist me in being able to retrieve a customer statement.

    I keep getting this message (below).

    I tried all steps I could find online but nothing helps

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting

    I just convinced a new client of mine to move to Sage Business Cloud Accounting last week, they started their month-end yesterday and now Sage is not working properly and they barely know the system?? What am I supposed to tell them? This is ridiculous…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Down again!

    Once again Sage is down and it is impacting our businesses.
    I want a refund of the fees that I have already paid as the service I have paid for has certainly not been delivered again.

    Every time the Sage systems go down and I am unable to do my work, it…

  • Extended hours on Live Chat and Email support

    We have extended our chat and email support hours for Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

     New hours:         Mon to Thu 08:00 – 19:00

                                 Fri 08:00 – 16:00

    Your business is important to us and we’d like to be there when you need us!

  • Sage accounting software for NGOs

    Hello here, please what class of Sage cloud would you recommend as best for NGO accounting operation?

  • Vat Report Sales does not correspond with Trail balance Sales

    Our auditor contacted me to ask why we over paid SARS

    I then figured out that the VAT Report shows we generated more sales (invoices) than the Trial Balance, with quite a significant amount, how is this possible?

    So it seems like we made excessive VAT…

  • Sage Accounting Down Again? 07/09 @ 13h00

    Is Sage seriously down again? I can't even reach the home page to log in:

    This site can’t be reached

    www.accounting.sageone.co.za took too long to respond.

    What is happening? It's the 7th of the month and we are all trying desperately to run…

  • DRAFT Tax Invoices processed but not showing in Customer Transactions?

    ISSUE: I have just processed 6 x Recurring Customer Invoices under "Draft Invoices". I did this by viewin the draft invoices and selecting "Process Tax Invoices". The "last run" date is now 01/09/2021 and they have disappeared from the "View Draft Invoices…


    I am looking out for a reseller since Sage Kenya office is just unresponsive and I need to acquire Sage Cloud Accounting to shift from Sage partner.

    Any leads will be highly appreciated

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Document Numbers

    Hi there, 

    How can I change the Document Numbers to state the date with an incremental number and use the current date the document is created?

    On another Platform I could type in the field something like: QUO-{date}-001 so if the quote is created on 25…

  • Accounting registration Expired - payments made automatically - need URGENT access!!


    Our account is paid monthly via a Credit Card that is still valid.

    BUT getting the following error ...

    Please respond to my emails!!!

  • Sage Accounting POPIA Updates

    Dear Sage Community

    At Sage, we’re committed to helping your business thrive by providing you with software that continues to support your business.

    The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) went into effective from 1 July 2021 and in the…

  • Support Notification | Upcoming Release (Passwords)

    Dear Customer,

    In order to improve the personal information management of our users, Sage Accounting will be updating users’ password requirements.

    The following changes will be made:

    • The minimum length of passwords will be increased from 6 to
  • How to view Open Purchase Orders

    Good day, How do we see an open order, for example, if we generate a purchase order for 5 apples and 3 were delivered and invoiced, how do we view an open order (The 2 remainings)? 

  • Unable to edit client info due to a lockdown date that was set?

    What do we do where clients invoicing details have changed, you edit the details but when trying to save the details the error message "A Lockdown Date has been set. No transactions can be processed or edited with a date up to and including 29/02…