• Timekeeping Module


    The timekeeping module has not been working since Saterday.  Is this being attended to?

  • December 6, 2022 - Free Open Webinar

    As we have had several webinars relating to our product features, join us for the free open webinar where you"ll have the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have about our product so that you can make the best use of it.

    We hope to see you…

  • SBCA | Service Notice | 28/11/2022

    Dear Customers

    We have identified an issue preventing customers in South Africa from accessing the service.

    Please be advised that we are working with our partners to investigate and resolve this issue as a matter of urgency. We will share an update…


    Dear Sage City

    Do I have a duty towards my customers if someone not only gained illegal access to their personal information but also changed it. This happened in June and Sage can still not explain who did it and how they gained access to sage and there…

  • I need to downgrade to Sage start.

    Sage made contact with me then said i could downgrade my sage to sage start and said i should contact their support. i then did this and they then told me they dont do downgrades.

    Could someone please assist as my support person has never contacted me…

  • Free Webinar- Everything you need to know about the Overview Reports

    Join us for this free webinar where we will be demonstrating the following

    • How to use the reports Tab in Sage Business Cloud Accounting
    • How the different filters work and how information can be displayed
    • What each report contains

    Limited space available…

  • Sage Membership is here!

    Sage Membership extends beyond software solutions to provide you with the expert advice and support you require to thrive.

    This fantastic initiative provides Sage Customers and Partners with free access to Member Masterclasses, Community, and Learning…

  • Allocating Supplier payments with discount

    Good day, 

    I have been struggling with allocating supplier payments with a settlement discount. When I allocate, I select the invoices that I am paying, but the discount is not allocated to the invoices. 

    Do I do this manually or is there a faster way…

  • Managing Sage City real-time notifications

    Did you know that you can switch on notifications so that you’re alerted when new discussions and questions are posted on the Sage City forums? It’s easy to do, just follow these few steps:

     Turning on General Discussion and Announcements,…

  • Free Webinar- Overview of Accountants area

    Dear Community

    Are you having difficulties in the accountant’s area on Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

    Worry less, we have got you covered as we will be having a webinar where we will be sharing knowledge of what functions can be accessed from this…

  • Your feedback matters: Net Promoter Score (NPS)

    Dear Community

    As members of the community, your experience in the community matters the most to us. That is why we highly encourage you our members to please take our NPS surveys to gain insights from you on how best can we improve our community for…

  • Customer Statement Run - excluding (current) zero balances?

    Hi there

    I am sending Customer Statements dated 30/09/2022 and selecting to exclude customers with zero balances, but Sage is of course looking at the account balance of my statement date. I have customers that have since paid i.e. their account balance…

  • Update your communication Preferences with Sage

    Dear Community

    Did you know that updating your communication preferences with us, gives you the advantage of being informed of Events, newsletters, Industry information, Special Product Offers, and Promotions?

    To update your communication with us please…

  • Verification is Key

    Dear Community,

    By being a Sage City member, you can search the forum to see if other members have already asked a similar question. Therefore, to build up our community with prime answers, we would like to encourage you as our member to mark the answers…

  • [UPDATED] - Major Outage Reported - Sage Accounting Timing Out (Error 504) and now also Error 503...

    UPDATE AS @ 14/09/22 13H36

    It's all shirts and goggles until someone goggles and shirts. All jokes aside, looks like we are out of luck - Major Outage reported on Sage City:



    Anyone else experiencing major errors…

  • We’ve made it easier to get in touch

    Dear Community

    Thank you for sharing your feedback around the challenges you’ve had phoning Sage. We’re delighted to announce that we now have a single number for you to call, to best find the team you need to talk to!

    Our new line is open…

  • 5 mental health tips for accountants who just cannot stop!!!

    According to an article published by Accountancy Age, 98% of accountants were already stressed even before the coronavirus outbreak!

    Remember you are a far more productive and happier accountant when you are not drowning …

    Here are some thoughts…

  • The Ultimate Guide to Invoicing

    Dear Community, 

    Do you have any invoicing tips would you like to share with your peers on Sage City? You can help other community members become invoicing experts today!

    Share your cool ideas and the tools you use to minimize the risk of entering a negative…


  • ERROR 504

  • Customize Stationery

    ood Evening All,

    Im hoping you guys can assist me.
    I work on Sageone South Africa
    I wish to change the layout of our stationery ie.
    Tax Invoice
    Purchase Order

  • Reallocation from Opening Balance and VAT adjustment account


    I passed a year end VAT adjustment journal as the shareholder paid for the VAT in their personal capacity

    The entry went against the "Opening Balance and VAT adjustment" account

    I now need to reallocate this to their loan account

    PS this…

  • Launch of the New Sage Business Cloud Accounting Customer Portal

    As part of our drive to simplify the way we do business, we are excited to announce the launch of the Sage Business Cloud Accounting Customer Portal, the newest addition to our Customer Portals. 

    You can now easily access your invoices, statements, view…

  • Request for Customer Receipt / Supplier Payment Layout Design

    Hi Sage,

    The Sales Receipt / Supplier Payment has an equal importance in terms of customizing the layout. In our project implementation, all of the customer request to match or improved the layout with the existing receipt format. 

    It will really make…

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting Scheduled Maintenance | 5 July 2022

    Sage Accounting will be undergoing important system maintenance on Tuesday, 5 July 2022 for 6 hours between 18:00 and 00:00.

    Please note that you will not be able to access Sage Accounting during this time.

    We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause…