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  • Journal

    Hi All 

    I need to process adjusting journal entries from the auditors, however I am unable to input any system accounts,  e.g. Vat Payable, Trade Payable, Trade Receivables. 

    How do I go around this? 

    Please assist. 

  • We're sorry to have to tell you that SAGE ONLINE is once again OFFLINE

    Is it just me or is the Product which they call SAGE ONLINE a bit of tongue in cheek false advertising because whenever one of their "genius" Software developers run updates/ maintenance- the whole system comes crashing down?! More often than not- when…

  • Spam / Malware Emails


    One of my clients received an email which looks like a Sage Invoice with all the "correct" fields in - however the attachment is .xlsm file - which my antivirus blocked from opening up, Is it possible that someone has hacked the person whose Sage…

  • Supplier Invoices

    Good day 

    When printing a invoice the company logo does not appear on the invoice but on the preview it do show. Please assist  

  • Service degradation 2021-09-15

    Are there currently any service interruptions? All other websites that I log onto are working fine and I can stream Youtube videos on maximum resolution, yet Accounting keeps loading and loading.

  • Sage Accounting Down Again? 07/09 @ 13h00

    Is Sage seriously down again? I can't even reach the home page to log in:

    This site can’t be reached

    www.accounting.sageone.co.za took too long to respond.

    What is happening? It's the 7th of the month and we are all trying desperately to run…

  • Using the tab button to scroll on a Mac book

    Good day guys,

    When processing an invoice, the tab button to scroll through the invoice doesn't work on my apple products. It works fine on other devices, just not on apple.

    Has anyone had the same experience? 

    Thanks guys

  • Support Notification | Upcoming Release (Passwords)

    Dear Customer,

    In order to improve the personal information management of our users, Sage Accounting will be updating users’ password requirements.

    The following changes will be made:

    • The minimum length of passwords will be increased from 6 to
  • How to view Open Purchase Orders

    Good day, How do we see an open order, for example, if we generate a purchase order for 5 apples and 3 were delivered and invoiced, how do we view an open order (The 2 remainings)? 

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Journal Entry Processing

    What is the procedure to use bank account to settle office expense in journal entry transaction.

    Kindly assist in this regard.


  • How to account for inventory

    What can be done to make product purchase for resale to reflect under balance sheet as inventory instead of reflecting under profit or loss as cost of sale since the product has not been sold.

    Any assistance will be highly appreciated.

    Kind Regards

  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting | End of Life for United Arab Emirates

    In line with our vision and strategy to become a great SaaS company serving medium-sized customers in the Middle East, we have been reviewing our operating model for the region. As you may remember, we took an important step in that direction in 2019…

  • System down

    like really, this is happening again! 

    I'm literally tired of holding 2 hours on hold.

    What is happening to the system, we are losing money here, my staff can't do anything we cant invoice, do quotes actually, we can't do anything on the system.…

  • Sage Accounting | Planned Downtime (6 March 2021)

    Sage Accounting will be unavailable from 23:00 to 00:00 on Saturday, 6 March as we release important updates.

    As we continue to improve our service, we will need to take the solution offline from time to time to release important updates. You will be…
  • Update: Sage Accounting Customer Zone

    Hello Sage Community

    Customer Zone is back. Now with enhanced security and a clearer call to action.

    Why the need to update customer zone emails?

    We have taken the additional steps to protect the private and important documents that belong to you and…





  • Accountants and Clients needs re-assurance and answers. Hoping it will go away will not work

    Dear Sage, As an accountant, you cannot just sit back and hope that the problem goes away without a proper discussion. As accountants, we are stakeholders in the accounting platform business and believe that accountants can make a huge impact should we…

  • SageOne still cant process any invoices.

    SageOne still cant process any invoices. How must we process invoices and control stock. How must a business function?

  • Sage Login

    Can you please provide some indication of when this issue can be resolved? The timing of your so called improvement could not have been worse.  We just got things implemented on sage as we changed cloud services.  According to people sage are more trust…

  • Sage Problems...

    The fact that its been 4 days is unacceptable! 

    Give us adequate feedback please. 

    4 Days not being able to do my work is costing me money and we need answers to know when the system will be operational.

    No Quotes, No invoices and No statements... we cannot…

  • Sage 20 Jan 2021 PATHETIC SERVICE actually NO SERVICE

    We have our trust and our business dependent on SAGE

    Now we can not function......

    IS this South Africa and it's inefficiency  rearing its head our just plain incompetence???

    Please update us regarding when we can expect 100% service .....and what…

  • "Error Occurred"

    Sage Team, your blog is overrun with Error Occured messages. We've been struggling to process since Monday afternoon, and still there seems to be no fix for this error. I find it unbelievable that you are unable to rectify this within a reasonable time…

  • Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges (to only mention a few) - 18/01/2021 #onceagain #SAGEincompetence

    We have yet to receive an update and hours has passed. Once again SAGE shows to their clients that they are incompetent. :(