• Vat Report Sales does not correspond with Trail balance Sales

    Our auditor contacted me to ask why we over paid SARS

    I then figured out that the VAT Report shows we generated more sales (invoices) than the Trial Balance, with quite a significant amount, how is this possible?

    So it seems like we made excessive VAT…

  • Sage Accounting Down Again? 07/09 @ 13h00

    Is Sage seriously down again? I can't even reach the home page to log in:

    This site can’t be reached

    www.accounting.sageone.co.za took too long to respond.

    What is happening? It's the 7th of the month and we are all trying desperately to run…

  • ERROR 522

    Well Sage what now.

    First the Time sheets that could not import and now Error 522.

    Please can we get feedback on when we will be back up and running. 

  • Time Tracking

    Good day 

    We are unable to import our monthly time sheets and Your Call center is no help.

    Please assist 

  • Customer Receipts not sending copies

    Now my client receipts have stopped sending receipts.
    Out of around 20 that I entered only 2 receipts were received by us as copies.


    This is ridiculous.
    One error after another.

    And no explanation or remedy.

  • Supplier Purchase Orders not sending

    Today's problem is that any Supplier Purchase Orders we send are not sending.

    Is there a problem?
    When will it be fixed?

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Error 502, Error 503, Internal Server Error... Is Sage down again 19/05?

    Getting Errors galore today, making it incredibly difficult to generate invoices, pull statements, print anything....

    Error 502 BAD GATEWAY

    Error 503 BAD GATEWAY

    On-screen "no entry sign" error - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR

    Using the Customer module…

  • Customer Reports Errors


    Since the last major glitch in the system a couple of months ago, every month there seem to be something new you cant do in the system.

    For a while now , we have been unable to do a customer statement run without it giving an unexpected error…

  • Feedback

    Has anyone received any feedback as to why Sage is offline? Its now been down for well over an hour.

  • Sage One Accounting - Lagging & Error Pages

    Are there problems with Sage One Accounting today? The site has been lagging the whole day and I am battling to get in to reports as the site keeps on throwing errors. This is very frustrating at month end.

  • Anyone else receiving Sage Errors again today? Thu 18/03 17h00 onwards

    The dreaded message we've all come to know and despise:

    We are sorry to have to tell you this, but you have just experienced an error.

    Having intermittent trouble accessing the following from 17h00 today:

    • Customer Tax Invoice list
    • Banking Transactions…
  • System errors today 23/02 when generating customer tax invoices

    Is anyone else getting multiple errors when trying to capture on Sage today?

    "We are sorry to have to tell you this, but you have just experienced an error."

    "Access denied"

    And extremely slow to load.

    Are we in for anther round of…

  • The Trade Receivables System account on my trial Balance Report does not balance with the Customers Balances - Days Outstanding report

    The Trade Receivables System account on my trial Balance Report does not balance with the Customers Balances - Days Outstanding report. Where to I start looking for this difference?
    There were no opening balances.






  • Accountants and Clients needs re-assurance and answers. Hoping it will go away will not work

    Dear Sage, As an accountant, you cannot just sit back and hope that the problem goes away without a proper discussion. As accountants, we are stakeholders in the accounting platform business and believe that accountants can make a huge impact should we…

  • I think sorry isn't good enough SAGE. No more excuses, we rely and PAY for your uninterrupted service!

    We really need a real explanation as to the problem here and a time frame from senior management as to when this service will be 100% functional again.

    Someone needs to be held accountable to the constant let downs and break down of service.

    We need some…

  • SageOne still cant process any invoices.

    SageOne still cant process any invoices. How must we process invoices and control stock. How must a business function?

  • Update required


    May we please have an update, the last update was posted over 6 hours ago.
    Please, more regular updates will put our minds at ease. This guessing game of whether the system is working now or not is just causing more anger.

    Is it unreasonable for us…

  • Sage Down for 8 Days

    Sage  Rage

    • 8 days unavailability! This is beyond ridiculous!

    The mills of God grind slowly, the mills of Sage grind exceedingly slower!

    • With any upgrade, does one not have a backup or fall back if the new system or upgrade does not work? Pathetic to be offline…
  • Issues Issues Issues

    Oh my gosh Sage, I am sure that you lost your top IT employee and now you left with this....

    Customers complaining non stop, and no end in sight to getting things right???

    How do i get my data off this pathetic excuse for a accounting solution so I can…

  • Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges (to only mention a few) - 18/01/2021 #onceagain #SAGEincompetence

    We have yet to receive an update and hours has passed. Once again SAGE shows to their clients that they are incompetent. :( 

  • FNB Bank Feed with existing account

    I recently signed up for a trial and tested everything I wanted to in detail, including adding my bank feed.

    I have subsequently deleted that company and started a new one with the same name. I am battling to add the first account to the feed again.…

  • Anyone else having issues generating customer tax invoices? Page times out

    We have been unable to generate customer tax invoices via the "Add tax invoice" function for 2 days now. When entering the customer name, or selecting from the list, the customer lookup in the background gets stuck and never resolves to bring the info…

  • Support Notification | Bank Feeds

    Note: Last Updated 07/04/2020

    We have been notified by our 3rd party bank feed provider of the following:

    Capitec Bank:

    Capitec SA site introduced an intermediate page to accept the Terms and Conditions (screenshot below). 

    Please accept the Terms and…