• How to show currency

    I am trying to change a number to show currency in ZAR

    When I format striing

    The figures still show without currency?

    What am I doing wrong or not doing/missing to get this right?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Customising the customer Balances Outstanding report

    Good day 

    I need help with Customising the customer Balances Outstanding report from 120 days to 365 Days.

    Please advise how would I do that?


  • Customer Receipt Amount on Customer Statement

    Good day

    I am trying to edit my customer statement so that the amount the the client paid or my company received shows as one amount on the customer statement.  At the moment it allocates/matches to the invoices (see below).  Is it possible to have for…

  • importing layouts

    How do I import a layout into custom design? What format can be imported?

  • User Defined Fields - Invoice Level

    Dear Group, 

    I created some user defined fields to capture "branch" information (as continuation from my last post - Receiving Group Payments). The information included - Branch Name, Branch Code, and VAT ID (in some cases where the branch has its own…

  • Inventory Management


    Please I need help regarding inventory management.

    My client is into manufacturing business, manufacturing ice cream to be precise. I recently subscribed to sage to manage this client's account however, I am a bit confused on the whole inventory…

  • How to do an Api integration to update stock quantities and selling price ?

    Hello Sage community

    Does anyone know or have experience with setting up an integration from or to SAGE ONE,  to enable sage one stock quantities and prices to be synced with a real-time live website and viceversa.?

    We currently use sage to do our billing…

  • Receiving Group Payments

    As a wholesale distributor this is a VERY common practice. The following is a use case to help explain the problem.

    Widgets Group Company manages a group of different member companies (each a separate legal entities): Widgets Manufacturing Corp and Widgets…

  • SageONE ApiKey

    Good day,

    I am aware that Sage One Accounting has an api - https://accounting.sageone.co.za/api/2.0.0.

    How do I get the ApiKey as mentioned in the documentation?

    Am I missing an obvious link somewhere? I've signed up as a developer already and get asked…

  • Custom Layout Designer - Cannot preview changes

    Am running the latest Designer, but can't find where to preview the changes I've done?
    The online help shows a preview button, but "no can see"!

    Am I being stupid or does this not exist?


  • Setup of company documents

    Hey guys,  I've added Terms & Conditions to my Quote Message -  my problem is when the quote goes over to a second/third pages - the message is appearing on every page - i want it to only show on the last page?  Is that possible or did I set up the…