• Supplier processing

    Good day, 

    We have recently moved Pastel Partner (PP) to Sage Accounting (SA). In PP, we had outstanding PO and GRN (linked to when creating a supplier invoice). These did not convert when our conversion was done, only the tax invoices were converted. 

  • emails being blocked

     Good day- your email servers remain a HUGE problem!!  We all know we have to tell clients to please save our contact details and their servers must whitelist the addresses and our domains must add SPF records, check / uncheck boxes under company settings…

  • Customer Tax Invoices not update

    Unable to edit a customer tax invoice by deleting items. It keeps loading. after retrying more than 10 times without any change, when it eventually deletes the item entries, the hours under 'Time Entries, Invoice time' increase dramatically, i.e from…

  • Customised Invoices

    Good day 

    I urgently need assistance with customisation of Invoices for one of my clients. 

    My client has a contract with Shoprite Checkers, and they require certain details to be on the invoices.  Thus far they have been using excel and just to catch up…

  • Creating Deposit Invoice


    I'm trying to create a simple deposit invoice where the deposit payable is 40% of the total. I have followed the steps stated in a previous post and all is ok except my formula seems to come out at 0.008% instead of 40%. Please help...?

  • custom layout designer - decimals

    I would like to only have two decimals after the point please for the Quantity field and Unit Price - what are the properties for this to be achieved please

  • How to rename custom invoice templates using Custom Layout Designer / Sage Company Settings?


    Does anyone know how to / if it's possible to rename custom-designed invoice templates (built using the Custom Layout Designer Add-on)? I don't see an option in the layout designer other than save as, & you can't do anything except select from a drop…

  • FYI Sage development team - you have made a server-wide BOOBOO

    Support, please escalate this to your development team:

    At around 15h00 today (27/01/2022) someone pushed a button and activated multi-currency features for everyone, or removed the incorrect restrictions in the back end. This means that many / all of…

  • DRAFT Tax Invoices processed but not showing in Customer Transactions?

    ISSUE: I have just processed 6 x Recurring Customer Invoices under "Draft Invoices". I did this by viewin the draft invoices and selecting "Process Tax Invoices". The "last run" date is now 01/09/2021 and they have disappeared from the "View Draft Invoices…



    I know that the sales invoices and quotes need to be 'secured' for editing purposes, but more and more clients are signing electronically and obviously the encryption doesn't allow for that.

    Just want to know if this is a query you…

  • Anyone else receiving Sage Errors again today? Thu 18/03 17h00 onwards

    The dreaded message we've all come to know and despise:

    We are sorry to have to tell you this, but you have just experienced an error.

    Having intermittent trouble accessing the following from 17h00 today:

    • Customer Tax Invoice list
    • Banking Transactions…
  • System errors today 23/02 when generating customer tax invoices

    Is anyone else getting multiple errors when trying to capture on Sage today?

    "We are sorry to have to tell you this, but you have just experienced an error."

    "Access denied"

    And extremely slow to load.

    Are we in for anther round of…

  • Sage Down for 8 Days

    Sage  Rage

    • 8 days unavailability! This is beyond ridiculous!

    The mills of God grind slowly, the mills of Sage grind exceedingly slower!

    • With any upgrade, does one not have a backup or fall back if the new system or upgrade does not work? Pathetic to be offline…
  • Sage Accounting Speed and Login Challenges (to only mention a few) - 18/01/2021 #onceagain #SAGEincompetence

    We have yet to receive an update and hours has passed. Once again SAGE shows to their clients that they are incompetent. :( 

  • Exclusive Selling Price

    Good day,

    I am editing my invoice/quotes on custom layout designer version 18.0. I would like to ad or select my exclusive selling price per unit. (No vat) But it keeps putting the price in with vat. 

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Unable to invoice a newly added Customer as it does not display in 'Customer Tax Invoices'

    Good day,

    Unable to invoice a newly added Customer as it does not display in 'Customer Tax Invoices'. The customer is active and all details have been completed. Can anyone please assist me?

    This issue has been resolved by logging out and then…

  • Anyone else having issues generating customer tax invoices? Page times out

    We have been unable to generate customer tax invoices via the "Add tax invoice" function for 2 days now. When entering the customer name, or selecting from the list, the customer lookup in the background gets stuck and never resolves to bring the info…

  • Invoice Integration - API help required

    I have a hosted software application that needs to send Invoices to Sage Accounting.  We have had this working for years with Pastel Partner (using their "import a batch") but now have clients who want integration with Accounting.  My understanding…

  • Customer Invoice - Characters in the description

    Hi There! Please excuse if this has been asked before. 

    We are a consulting firm and are required to include a lot of detail in our descriptions in our invoices to clients as it details what consulting work was performed. We are finding that the 100 character…

  • Custom Layout Designer


    Good morning,

    I'm new to Sage One Accounting and the Custom Layout Designed Module, so if this is a silly question, please just tell me...

    I need to create a new invoice that meets the criteria of our government customers.  As you can…