• Custom Layout Designer - Add a field with a fixed percentage of a different field

    Dear everyone, 

    I hope you are fine. And hopefully someone can help me :) 

    I made a custom document functioning as a payment request (on basis of a quote) in Sage One/Accounting, but I would like to add one field - a field, that shows "Remaining Balance…

  • Custom LayOut Designer

    Good morning

    I hope someone can assist me. I am looking for someone that can create a custom layout Quotation and Invoice for me. Unfortunately my Accountant can not assist me with this.

    Please let me know if there is anyone that does this and what the…


    Hi there

    I have been trying to install this add-on, but it keeps giving me this error message.


  • Custom Layout Designer - Total fields

    I need assistance with customising a total field for commission and a cession

  • Customised Invoices

    Good day 

    I urgently need assistance with customisation of Invoices for one of my clients. 

    My client has a contract with Shoprite Checkers, and they require certain details to be on the invoices.  Thus far they have been using excel and just to catch up…

  • Creating Deposit Invoice


    I'm trying to create a simple deposit invoice where the deposit payable is 40% of the total. I have followed the steps stated in a previous post and all is ok except my formula seems to come out at 0.008% instead of 40%. Please help...?

  • Supplier Invoice Customization using Sage one Custom Report Designer

    I would like to be able to design my supplier documents (Supplier invoice) per page i.e. the first page has its own layout and subsequent pages have their own.

    Specifically, I want the total balance on the invoice footer to appear only on the last page…

  • custom layout designer - decimals

    I would like to only have two decimals after the point please for the Quantity field and Unit Price - what are the properties for this to be achieved please

  • How to rename custom invoice templates using Custom Layout Designer / Sage Company Settings?


    Does anyone know how to / if it's possible to rename custom-designed invoice templates (built using the Custom Layout Designer Add-on)? I don't see an option in the layout designer other than save as, & you can't do anything except select from a drop…

  • Inventory Item Weights - Sage Business Cloud

    Hi Everyone

    Does anyone know how one could add product weights to Sage Business Cloud? If this is possible, I would then also like to add the total order weight in the invoice designer in order to process a transport quote. We now have to calculate weights…

  • How to show currency

    I am trying to change a number to show currency in ZAR

    When I format striing

    The figures still show without currency?

    What am I doing wrong or not doing/missing to get this right?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Go back to standard invoice layouts

    Hi, I inherited a sage pastel account from a previous treasurer who used custom invoice layouts. I've tried downloading the Sage custom layout designer but the download keeps failing (after I click on setup.exe and it starts downloading the files)…

  • Download/Install Error - Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows

    I have been trying to Install Accounting Custom Layout Designer for Windows for the past month to adjust our invoicing templates but having absolutely no luck, even after a long email thread with support agent as well as a lengthy online live chat with…

  • Getting a total for DocumentLine fields

    Hi all

    I am looking to get a total in the PageFooter of:

    a) a calculated field and
    b) a NumUserField01

    both of which are in the DocumentLine section.

  • Exclusive Selling Price

    Good day,

    I am editing my invoice/quotes on custom layout designer version 18.0. I would like to ad or select my exclusive selling price per unit. (No vat) But it keeps putting the price in with vat. 

    What am I doing wrong?

  • Customer Statement Template - How to implement date order and balance changes

    Good day

    I have done some work with the Custom Layout Designer to personalise customer facing documents (quotes, invoices, statements) using the "Modern" template.  I would like to implement the following but do not have enough experience working…

  • Custom Layout Designer

    We are trying to use sales order to manage our laybys in store

    Is there a way/formula we can use that will do the following : Subtotal - Balance = Total outstanding

    So basically it would take the Sales Order total subtract the total receipt of the customer…

  • Customer Receipt Amount on Customer Statement

    Good day

    I am trying to edit my customer statement so that the amount the the client paid or my company received shows as one amount on the customer statement.  At the moment it allocates/matches to the invoices (see below).  Is it possible to have for…

  • Custom Layout Designer: Display Comments Above

    Good day

    Does anyone know if it's possible to display comments above in Custom Layout Designer as we need a very specific layout.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Custom Layout Designer overwrite an existing report

    I have made some tweaks to a report I use (Supplier Invoice). I made it under a different report name just to check it would work whilst not risking the existing report from being messed with.

    I was hoping to 'save as' and overwrite the report currently…


    Good day

    Hope this mail finds you well.

    When I try to set the borders of a table in the custom layout designer, the program freezes completely and I have to end it with the task manager and re-enter.

    I'm unable to put borders on a table. This seems…

  • Custom Layouts

    Good day

    Despite importing my custom layouts to the online platform, as well as selecting the default layout, the layout remains unchanged when I preview or print the document.

    Is there something that I am doing wrong?

    I have tried adding different…

  • Customer Invoice - Characters in the description

    Hi There! Please excuse if this has been asked before. 

    We are a consulting firm and are required to include a lot of detail in our descriptions in our invoices to clients as it details what consulting work was performed. We are finding that the 100 character…

  • Custom Layout Designer


    Good morning,

    I'm new to Sage One Accounting and the Custom Layout Designed Module, so if this is a silly question, please just tell me...

    I need to create a new invoice that meets the criteria of our government customers.  As you can…

  • Auto-hide field in invoice template

    I want to add a link to a User Defined Field to my invoice template. To do so, I have created a text label and next to it, I have added a box for the User Defined Field. This works perfectly. However, in this particular instance, the UDF is sometimes blank…