• Duplicated Bank Feeds

    Good day 

    We have been experiencing duplicated bank import feeds for weeks now. Its not every day but its becoming a real inconvenience having to fix it over and over again. 

    Please assist as soon as possible.

    Many thanks

    Audrey Makan

  • Importing bank statements - duplicate transactions shown as "unallocated income" or "unallocated expense".

    For the past week, when I import a Standard Bank bank statement, it does not recognise all duplicate transactions. Some transactions that were imported the previous day which have already been allocated and reviewed are shown as an  "unallocated income…

  • Bank Account variation with General Ledger

    I have my system automatically update the Bank ledger

    But now the Balance Sheet Bank amount differ from my Bank ledger 

    However the balance sheet Bank amount reconcile to my actual bank 

    Thus for me this is not a bank reconciliation problem but SAGE not…

  • Bank Feeds - General

    Dear Sage

    Why do the bank feeds keep disconnecting?

    It is counterproductive for us especially when we rely on our clients to link these for us

    Is there in issue as this is the 2nd month now in my portfolio that i find this to be happening

    The connection…

  • FNB FICA Requirements | Bank Feeds Notice

    Please note that after 3 July 2022, FNB clients will be required to submit FICA documentation for all users linked to an FNB account. This legislative requirement requires the primary user (main FNB Account holder) and secondary users (e.g., accountant…

  • ABSA Bank feeds


    the bank feeds bring through looooong descriptions of the transaction and the same is in the reference column as well.  I have to edit each transaction to reduce the length of the description.

    In the past I could just verify the transactions and mark…

  • Bank Feed Review - Suppliers No VAT default


    Why is it that some of my suppliers on the Banking review page, have VAT set as a default NO VAT which cannot be changed? I have checked the suppliers accounts and they are set to standard VAT and they all have their VAT numbers in place.

  • Cannot verify my banking credentials

    When I try to update/verify my banking credentials (for Standard Bank) I keep getting this error message. I have been since the day the bank stopped refreshing.

    I've just about had it with Sage and it's endless problems. I might as well purchase another…

  • Standard Bank feeds

    Is there an (ongoing) issue with Standard Bank feeds not connecting??
    Been struggling since last week, with no progress from Sage. 

  • Bank feeds

    Does anybody have a problem with FNB bank feeds? Every time I link a bank  we loose the New & Reviewed  transactions on Banking?

    Please help 

  • Sage Bank Feeds - Sorry, we are unable to process your request

    I followed the steps sent to Me by support and added the 3 Cookies links below:




    On my machine it worked well, but the client then received the error…

  • ABSA Bank Feeds


    Iam trying to get ABSA bank feeds in Sage. Creditials are.put in then says verifying then trows mw back to selct bank screen. PLEASE HELP. Chatbot not useful. Not live chats channels as well?? 

  • Sage Bank Feeds Notification | Nedbank(New Online Banking) Bank Feeds

    Hello Sage Community

    We have been notified by our third-party service provider that the Nedbank online banking site has introduced an intermediate page where customers are required to accept the new Terms and Conditions. This is preventing the service…

  • Bank feeds feature for Small business on Emirates NBD

    Hi there,

    I  am an accountant and am based in Dubai. I was trying to use the bank feed feature through the Sage Cloud. We have the Small Business account and I entered ID and password but it didn't work. Can you please tell me if the Sage Cloud provides…

  • Nedbank Business - Bank Feeds

    Good day,

    If we try to link our Bank Feeds to Nedbank Business (we use the Nedbank dongle) they ask a 4 digit pin, but Nedbank has a 6 digit pin and if I use the first 4 digits of my 6 digit pin it doesn't work?

    How can I set up the Nedbank pro…

  • FNB Bank Feed with existing account

    I recently signed up for a trial and tested everything I wanted to in detail, including adding my bank feed.

    I have subsequently deleted that company and started a new one with the same name. I am battling to add the first account to the feed again.…

  • Sage Bank Feeds - Failure of Epic Proportions?!

    I am a long-time user of Sage Accounting products (from the Express days through the evolution of Sage Evolution) to currently using Sage Online accounting for 3 small businesses.  I used to be a prophet for Sage and their products, but not so much after…

  • Bank Feeds - FNB Online Banking Enterprise


    When are we going to receive an update on the bank feeds for FNB Online Banking Enterprise? I have sent the below to support, and followed up twice - still no feedback received. It is really not practical to be mapping csv's on a daily basis to import…

  • Bank Feeds behind


    After the authorization for credentials was resolved the last time my bank feeds are 4 days behind. It refreshes daily without errors but the last transactions are from 4 days ago(refreshed today 08/12 but only showing till 04/12 and there are new…

  • Bank Feeds

    Hi guys,

    My bank feeds are 2 days behind the entire time. It imports correctly but 2 days later. For eg. the transactions of the 2nd of December only imported this morning. My transactions of the 3rd (yesterday) will only import on the 5th??? Please…

  • Bank Authorization Required

    Authorizing it daily. For god sake, can't Sage now sort this for once and all. Why fix (break) something that wasn't broken. Why not employ more call centre staff? Why not start putting your customers first? 

  • Webinar resources - Bank Feeds Q&A

    Good Day all,

    You can find the resources to the Bank Feeds webinar below:

    Kind Re…

  • This Sage Bank Feed Account requires authorization of Bank Account credentials - FNB

    What are the credentials that it needs?

    What are the steps that you need to take?

    How long should it take to be up and running with bank feeds?

    FNB requires different ways to do verification which one must be used or does not apply to this setup.



    Anybody struggling to refresh bank statements? When I refresh nothing happens.


    Copied from Sage City Q&A:

    7. I am getting an error that my Sage Bank Feed requires authorization. What do I do?

    • This is a standard error message that appears when a multi-factor authentication bank account has failed to link. 
    • To solve this, naviga…