Supplier processing

Good day, 

We have recently moved Pastel Partner (PP) to Sage Accounting (SA). In PP, we had outstanding PO and GRN (linked to when creating a supplier invoice). These did not convert when our conversion was done, only the tax invoices were converted. 

Here's my question, is there a way of copying the information on the customer invoice to the supplier invoice and adjusting the prices? 

And also, is there a way of copying the sales order/quotation to a supplier invoice? 



  • Good day Ntokozo,

    Sage Business Cloud accounting does not have a function to link customer transactions to Supplier transactions. This means that you can not copy a customer invoice to a Supplier invoice or vice versa. These would have to be reprocessed under the supplier module.

    Sales Orders and quotes can only be linked to Customer invoices and Purchase orders can only be linked to supplier invoices.

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