Supplier transcation


I have done a conversion from a Partner file to Sage Accounting. 

However the old data in the Partner file was a mess so I started a new company file

Do anyone know how I can extract the Suppliers transaction in a csv format (rom the converted Sage Accounting file) so that I can edit and import in the new set of accounts?

The option under suppliers/transaction/Supplier adjustments / quick entry have no data

Need the Date, Supplier, Affecting account, ref no, description Vat and Total amounts extracted

Any one know how? 

  • I asked them this some time ago (through Sage support) and was told that you can't import supplier invoices like that.  Let's hope it has changed and is doable now. 
    However, I use Dext (old name Receipt Bank) and set it up and it processes suppliers a whole lot easier. Let me know if you want the details for the Dext Rep? 

  • Good day, Wynand, 

    The function to import invoices on Sage Accounting has not been implemented as yet. So for now you will have to process each invoice on the system. 

    I will have to log this as a suggestion as it is how the system was designed.

    Kindly note that all suggestions that we receive are implemented on the system based on the number of requests and they should not drastically affect the functionality of the program.

    The more requests we receive for a specific feature the more likely it will be implemented on the system.

    Should the feature or request be approved, it will be included in one of our future builds.


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