• FNB FICA Requirements | Bank Feeds Notice

    Please note that after 3 July 2022, FNB clients will be required to submit FICA documentation for all users linked to an FNB account. This legislative requirement requires the primary user (main FNB Account holder) and secondary users (e.g., accountant…

  • RESOLVED: Support Notification | Standard Bank Bank Feeds

    Update - 22/07/2021

    We have been informed by our 3rd party service provider that the issue has been resolved on both the bank site and the integrator.

    Please reattempt updating login details on Sage by navigating to Banking > Transactions > Manage Bank…

  • Support Notification | Nedbank Bank Feeds

    Hello Sage Community

    We have been notified by our 3rd party bank feed provider of the following:


    Nedbank site introduced an intermediate page to accept the Terms and Conditions. You may experience an error 428 on Sage.

    Please accept the Terms…

  • Sage Bank Feeds Notification | FNB Personal Banking

    Hello Sage Community

    We have been notified by our 3rd party bank feed provider of the following:

    First National Bank(FNB):

    FNB site introduced an intermediate page to accept the Online Banking Legal Documentation to proceed further (screenshot below).…

  • Sage Bank Feeds Notification | Nedbank

    Hello Sage Community

    Nedbank has discontinued their old banking platform and have requested all users to sign up onto their new platform.

    You may be requested to reauthorise the bank feed or receive an Error: Bank not found

    If you have not moved over onto…

  • Sage Bank Feeds Notification | Nedbank(New Online Banking) Bank Feeds

    Hello Sage Community

    We have been notified by our third-party service provider that the Nedbank online banking site has introduced an intermediate page where customers are required to accept the new Terms and Conditions. This is preventing the service…

  • Resolved | Sage Bank Feeds (Service Interruption)


    We are currently investigating a connection issue between Sage Accounting and Sage Bank Feeds. This issue will affect new on-boards, update of credentials and…

  • Sage Bank Feeds - Common Questions

    We've put together a consolidated list of the common questions and provided guidance and answers to each.

    Click on each for further detail.

  • Sage Bank Feeds - Missing transactions or transactions are not up to date.

    I have successfully connected my account and transactions have started pulling through, but I am missing a few transactions from when I linked the account, or they are not up to date. Why is this happening?

    • If you find that you have missing transactions…
  • Sage Bank Feeds - Manually refreshing transactions

    I have selected to manually refresh my transactions, but they do not pull through when I attempt to manually refresh or fetch them. What could be the problem?

    • We currently do not provide for the option to manually refresh your transactions through Yodlee…
  • Sage Bank Feeds - Cannot see most recent transactions

    I don't see my most recent transactions. What could be the problem?

    • Yodlee syncs with your bank account once per day to pull any new and processed transactions.

    • Sage Bank Feeds then syncs with Yodlee at three scheduled intervals during the day…
  • Sage Bank Feeds - Sorry, we are unable to process your request

    When I try to link a bank account, I get an error message saying "We are unable to process your request." What is the problem?

    • If you are an Apple and Safari user, please download the Google Chrome browser, and log into Sage Accounting using…
  • Sage Banking Cloud - Re-Enter Credentials or Sage Bank Feed Account requires authorization

    Despite successfully linking my bank account to Sage Bank Feeds previously, I am now being asked to re-enter the credentials for my account. Why is this happening?

    • It is a standard message that appears when a multi-factor authentication bank account…
  • Product Update | Sage Accounting Release 4.3.0 - 05/11/2020

    At Sage, we’re committed to helping your business thrive by providing you with software that continues to support your business. And now, more than ever, has it highlighted the importance of always being in control and connected to your business with…