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Sage Business Cloud Accounting | Important Service Update | 15/12/2021

Dear Customers 

On Saturday 11 December, we carried out a planned migration of our Sage Business Cloud Accounting data center to AWS. 

Despite extensive preparation and testing by our teams, on Monday, under peak load, we experienced capacity challenges on the front-end servers. This was immediately alleviated by adding additional servers and implementing caching. On Tuesday, and continuing today, we identified an issue with Database replication slowness due to the increased load,  which led to delays in the reporting status of data updates for some customers.

Over the course of the next few days,  we have a series of remediation measures planned to address bottlenecks within components of the product, in order to ensure full performance throughout all features.  

We apologise for any inconvenience you may be experiencing and wish to assure you that we have our expert teams working around the clock to optimise this service.

 Thank you

Sage Business Cloud Accounting Team