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Sage Business Cloud Accounting | End of Life for United Arab Emirates

In line with our vision and strategy to become a great SaaS company serving medium-sized customers in the Middle East, we have been reviewing our operating model for the region. As you may remember, we took an important step in that direction in 2019 by appointing Redington as an Authorised Sage Distributor in the Middle East.

We have also reviewed our product mix to better position ourselves as the leading provider of business solutions to the mid-market in the Middle East. After careful consideration, we have decided to end of life the Sage Business Cloud Accounting product in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other Middle Eastern territories by 31 July 2021. After the end-of-life date, the product will no longer be available or accessible.

What options are we offering you?

It is imperative that you migrate to a new solution for your business needs before this date.

In order to migrate, you will first need to extract your data from Sage Accounting. Please refer to this link for detailed steps on the extraction of this data alternatively you can view the video recording for assistance on this process.

Please consider migrating to one of the following business solutions, which address the needs of businesses of varying sizes:

  • Sage 300cloud is a streamlined and efficient solution for small to medium businesses and supports industry-specific needs in a range of sectors.
  • Sage 200 Evolution is a customisable, cost-effective mid-market business management solution with integrated modules for invoicing orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, order fulfilment and CRM.
  • Sage Business Cloud X3 is a flexible, next-generation financial, supply chain and production management solution for mid-market and enterprise customers.

We encourage you to consider the alternative solutions to identify one that matches your current business requirements and that will fit your future demands as your business grows. We trust you will prioritise the review of this new solution to allow enough time to transition smoothly. Sage stands ready to help you migrate to the new platform.

Next steps

Please contact your Sage accredited Business Partner or one of the Sage Sales Consultants by emailing [email protected] for more information.  


Q: Will I be able to access my data after 31 July?

A: No, the server will be shut down and you will have no access to your data after 31 July 2021.

Q: Can I continue to use the system until 31 July?

A: Yes, you can continue with your normal processing. However, any items in progress will not be completed after 31 July.

Q: Will an extension to the 31 July end of life date be considered?

A: No extension to the end of life date will be considered.

Q: Will I receive a refund for my subscription after the 31 July?

A: Yes, a prorate refund for the remaining subscription period will be applied against the payment method used for your subscription. If you used EFT to pay for your subscription this will need to be requested manually.

Q: Can I extract data from Sage Business Cloud Accounting?

A: Yes, you can export all masterfile data, transactions via journals and banking, and all reports.

Q: How do I extract data out of Sage Accounting?

A: Please refer to this link for detailed steps on the extraction of this data alternatively you can view the video recording for assistance on this process.

Q: If I need assistance extracting my data who can help me?

A: You can send your data extraction questions to support on [email protected] and one of the consultants will be able to assist you further.

Q: Will Sage migrate my data for me?

A: No, Sage will not migrate your data on your behalf.

Q: Will Sage cover the cost to migrate my data?

A: No, Sage will not cover the cost to migrate your data.

Q: Is it possible to move my existing data from the Sage Business Cloud Accounting UAE to the South African, UK or Canadian versions of Sage Business Cloud Accounting product?

A: Data migration from the UAE instance of Sage Business Cloud Accounting to one of the other regional products is not possible.

Q: Is it possible to move my existing customers on to the South African, UK or Canadian versions of Sage Business Cloud Accounting product?

A: While it is technically possible to sign up for a product outside of your region, the products in those regions will not cater for your localised VAT and legislative requirements. Further to that some features like mobile apps may not be unavailable in your region.

Q: Can I join the Accountants program of another region?

A: It is possible to join the program in South Africa but must be noted the localised requirements of VAT and legislative requirements of your regions will not be catered for in the product and will need to be managed by yourself.

Q: Can I move to Sage 200 Evolution or Sage 300?

A: A business needs analysis would need to be done to fully understand if these products would be suitable for your business needs, please contact [email protected]