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UPDATE | SBCA | Statement - 27/01/2021

Update | 27/01/2020 | 11:30am

Following our update this morning, we have seen a dip in service quality which our team is addressing. Many customers are accessing the system successfully, although we are aware that others are experiencing issues. Some customers experienced delays when sending emails from within the system; this has now been resolved. Bank feeds are working, but customers with large bank feeds will experience issues. Our advice to customers with data heavy bank feeds is to delay accessing the bank feeds function while we address this as a priority issue. Other functionality including issuing invoices and running tax reports continue to work normally. We will continue to provide updates on Sage City.


Following work  completed overnight, customers are able to login to Sage Business Cloud Accounting. The service is running at a good speed, and we continue to route all users to the MyWorkspace page while we optimise it further. All functionality, including issuing invoices and running tax reports is available from there.

To date, 71% of customers who need to run tax reports ready for a tax submission at the end of this month have done so. This compares to 79% at the same point in the last tax period. During that period 35% of customers completed their tax return 24/48 hours before the deadline, suggesting that all customers who need to will be able to file tax returns before the deadline of midnight on Friday 29 January.

We’ll keep monitoring the service to ensure it is accessible by all users and plan to make additional improvements tonight. We will provide further updates here.