Product Update | Sage Accounting Release 4.1.6

What's new?

Sales Orders:

Customers can now use Sales Orders to issue an order to a customer.

This can also be set to reserve the specific stock for that order.

For a video demo click here.

Item Bundles:

You can now group multiple inventory items into a single bundle.

When invoicing, simply enter the bundle code and the system will enter all the items linked to that bundle onto the invoice.

For a video demo on how to create item bundles click here; or

For a video demo on how to process item bundles click here.

Recurring Journals:

This is a great feature to use when you have transactions that recur on a periodic basis.

It saves the time and hassle of re-entering those transactions. 

Instances where one could use recurring journals: leases, rentals and debit orders.

For a video demo click here

Click here for the complete and detailed release notes.