• Inventory optimization not pulling re-order template

    I am trying to process a re-order process but every time I open the template within the re-order transaction process the template doesn't open and there is no error message. what could be the course and what solutions can I apply? Thanks.


  • Sync Sage Evolution to Shopify for stock control

    Hi, if anyone can assist I would be truly grateful! I represent a Digital Ad Agency (OMMO Digital) and we're in the process of launching a Shopify online store for one of our Food Manufacturing clients. My question is, can one sync the stock control between…

  • Inventory Issue V10.1.3 and Job Costing

     When you link inventory issue to a JOB Card, the system is throwing an error (the conversion of a datetime data type to a smalldatetime data typeresulted in an out of range value. The statement has been terminated)

    . I have tested all Versions of V10…

  • User Access Rights - Cost Price

    Could someone please assist me with setting the correct User Rights so that general employees may not see the Cost Price of items.

    I have disabled the Display Inventory Cost, however the Item Cost is still displaying under the price lists.

    Thank you!

  • Cost Price

    How can set cost price automatically in a purchase order in order entry Module?

  • Items Group - Override Transaction Type GL Accounts


    I am creating a Group of service items in order to override Transaction Type IN (invoice) default general accounts for Debit/Credit. I did the following:

    - created the Group "Service CEB Utility"

    - created a service item "ELEC001"…

  • Inventory SO Qty issue (Sage Evo 100)

    Good Day All

    So firstly I do not know what section to post my question in so here I go

    We linked our Sage Evo 100 with our new website that was developed so it will show available stock for sale, but we are having an issue currently 

    Say I take the…

  • Imported Inventory Journal Batch does not post


    I am having a challenge with Inventory Journal Batches on Sage Evolution.

    If a batch is imported and you try to post the Batch, it validates without any errors, but it does not post.

    If you do the same batch manually, it will post.

    I also exported…

  • How to generate a report showing sales orders not processed yet?

    Hi there

    We are trying to correct stock levels on our system but before we do that, we need to remove old Sales orders (which we used to generate pro-forma invoices using a design template we created). There are a lot that was never processed to an invoice…

  • Inventory listing report vs slow movers report

    Hello again

    I am trying to pull a report of dead stock in our warehouse as we want to move those out to another physical warehouse to make space in our headoffice one.

    As I understand it, I can pull a report of Slow Movers. I set the setting to show me…

  • Sage Evo 100 Inventory Issue

    Good Day Everyone

    We started using Sage 100 end March for our company and it been a wild ride to set up everything.

    We have managed to get the system in full working order, but I have run into a problem.

    We wanted to start running sales reports last…