• Route Allocations


    Hi Guys, need some assistance here, 

    Does anyone know how to allocate delivery routes per driver on 200 Evo?

    I need to do this to pull a report to implement a tracking system 

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated !

    Thank you Slight smile


    Hi Community, 

    Kindly assist while running the book depreciation report in sage evolution, it shows the following error.

    Error initializing report data!

    Reason: Divide by zero encountered

  • Error posting Supplier Invoice

    Please assist with the below message.

    This while posting a Supplier Invoice.

  • Cannot create file 7z.dll installation error


    This is a fresh install of version in windows 10 Enterprise x64  v10.0.19043 using local admin account and the installation terminate with an error Cannot create file C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage 200 Evolution \7z.dll.

  • Sales Rep Reports Inaccurate - Sage 200

    Hi there, 

    I have force rep activated so every SO Invoice that goes out has a sales rep linked. However when I run reports by sales rep both in AR Sales analysis and Sage intelligence, a number of transactions are being grouped under no rep. Therefore the…

  • Voucher management

    Can anyone advice why i'm getting this error?

    I have no anti virus in my machine.

  • Sending Customer statements takes about 3 days. Is there a way to make it faster/easier to send out?

    Good Day,

    One of my clients is sending their statements via email to their customers, using multiple groups/sales reps if not all of them at once.

    However, the process runs over 3 days to complete, so much so that the user is logging in via RDP to different…

  • Sage EVO 200 Cashbook import (CAT) - *.txt (Standard Bank)

    For anybody struggling since the mandatory update was done, to import your Standard Bank cashbook file (which exports in a *.txt format) - you need to get the CAT option loaded, which needs to appear on your drop down list when importing cashbook Standard…


    1. My sage evolution is giving problems , I cant use it even when trying to use different user as I have forgotten Guest old Password
  • How do I select certain items for a spot stock count?


    How do I create a selection of certain items to do a Cycle count / Sport count on which does not follow in a range of stock codes?

  • Stock Valuation report by date differ from transaction report

    Before printing valuation report by date I normally do the followings

    => Enquires => Inventory => Valuation by Date => View and then Save Valuation as per parameters below

    I then run my valuation report on the same date as shows on Valuation…

  • Importing XML (encoding utf-8) does not show imported data on sage

    I have created XML files from external system where I want to take supplier invoices. Importation went well without any error message and xml files archived successfully. But when I want to view imported data on sage I find nothing. I would like to share…

  • What is csv encoding format be used to create file to be imported?

    I have created csv files to import vendor invoices into sage 200 v7. But It keep saying different format. I would like to ask what encoding type must be used on csv.


    I have set selling price for each item per inventory per warehouse but price amount is not displayed on list grid as per image below

    Am using sage evolution v. with lot tracking enabled for some items

  • STRING or BINARY DATA WOULD BE TRUNCATED on Posting Accounting Receivable Batch

    Hello am using Sage 200 evolution v

    I have imported Account receivable batch upon testing system validate and post it.

    After posting I get an error as per image below


  • Old outstanding purchase orders and sales orders on the system

    Good day all,

    I need some assistance.

    My company is trying to clean their sage 200 system and get it in order. The system has purchase orders on it from 3 years ago where sone have a GRV number but are still sitting as outstanding because no supplier…

  • Bank Manager Error

    When I open my clients Cashbook & click on Bank Manager,  the following error pops up:

    I have already downloaded the statement provider files again and copy & replaced into the assembly folder - and deleted the old / double ones,  but the error…

  • SIR Macro Error - Automation Error Catastrophic Failure

    Hi All

    I am experiencing an issue when running reports with Macros.

    The first report with a macro runs successfully but any subsequent report with a macro gives us the Automation Error - Catastrophic Failure.

    We have tested the following:

    1. Running…