1. My sage evolution is giving problems , I cant use it even when trying to use different user as I have forgotten Guest old Password

  • Data Import - Set up to import Foreign Currency Customer Invoices

    Good day,

    We are using the Data Import feature successfully for out supplier invoices (that are in local currency) and for customer sales invoices (in local currency).

    When I try to set up a document type to import foreign currency customer invoices,…

  • Sync Sage Evolution to Shopify for stock control

    Hi, if anyone can assist I would be truly grateful! I represent a Digital Ad Agency (OMMO Digital) and we're in the process of launching a Shopify online store for one of our Food Manufacturing clients. My question is, can one sync the stock control between…

  • Voucher Management: Error occured in connecting to Database Sever, Evolution

    Am using sage evolution V but am facing voucher management issue on some laptops as per image below

  • Stock Valuation report by date differ from transaction report

    Before printing valuation report by date I normally do the followings

    => Enquires => Inventory => Valuation by Date => View and then Save Valuation as per parameters below

    I then run my valuation report on the same date as shows on Valuation…

  • Importing XML (encoding utf-8) does not show imported data on sage

    I have created XML files from external system where I want to take supplier invoices. Importation went well without any error message and xml files archived successfully. But when I want to view imported data on sage I find nothing. I would like to share…

  • What is csv encoding format be used to create file to be imported?

    I have created csv files to import vendor invoices into sage 200 v7. But It keep saying different format. I would like to ask what encoding type must be used on csv.


    I have set selling price for each item per inventory per warehouse but price amount is not displayed on list grid as per image below

    Am using sage evolution v. with lot tracking enabled for some items

  • STRING or BINARY DATA WOULD BE TRUNCATED on Posting Accounting Receivable Batch

    Hello am using Sage 200 evolution v

    I have imported Account receivable batch upon testing system validate and post it.

    After posting I get an error as per image below


  • The Transaction log for database 'EvolutionCommon' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'

    Good day, 

    We have recently upgraded our client to version 

    They can't access the Sage Evolution because of the error below.

    The Transaction log for database 'EvolutionCommon' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP' 

    The evolution file…

  • Voucher management

    voucher management -- Print supplier voucher..

    unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. if you click continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue.

    object reference not set to an instance of an object…

  • Difficulty Spooling GL for Sage Pastel Evolution

    My product is Sage Pastel Evolution. We are having difficulty spooling the general ledgers for a company. The error message is: "Fields in _bvGLTransactionsFull and _bvGLTransactionsHistFull views do not match! Please contact your Administrator!". Please…

  • Duplication in system tree members/ nodes

    Good day, 

    Please assist with the below issue. I have duplicated nodes on my system tree. This is slowing down the system during the logging or refreshing process. I have tries upgrading to version to no joy. My current Sage Evolution version is V7.20…

  • Branch accounting - Sync Monitor - BCP.exe folder path.

    Could anyone help me to sort what is path for BCP.exe in Initial Export/Import 



    I would like to ask how to add parameter on reports  designed under Sage 200 report builder found on common module?

  • ReportBuilder, help with my company Invoice Template

    I'm trying to adapt the template to our previous system layout for invoices. The data available for fields to be added in the template are not visible in the standard data tree. For example, we have different pricing for different customers but we want…

  • Sage Evolution Freedom API


    I am using FREEDOM API in my application, can you please guide me how to fetch the following

    1. Inventory Category?
    2. Inventory Group?
    3. Inventory UDF?

    Thank you


  • Sales Order Invoice Watermark

    Hi Guys,

    Is there a way I can customize the invoice layout to include a watermark?

  • Can sage 200 management my companies manufacturing process?

    Hi All,

    Let me provide some background, My company currently imports industrial valves and pipes. They are on the midst of starting to manufacture their own valves locally. I just joined the company a week ago and just before I joined they told me that…

  • Cannot Upgrade from v9.20.1.003 to v10.0.0.062

    Good Day,

    Cannot Upgrade from v9.20.1.003 to v10.0.0.062.

    Getting the following error:

    Error refreshing all functions! Could not find stored procedure '_espRefreshAllFunctions'.

    Anyone know how to get past the error to successfully upgrade to…

  • Re: Sage Evolution release 7.20 and release 10

    Hi guys,

    Is there a difference in the SDK or API for Sage Evolution 7.20 and Sage Evolution release 10?

    Do you want to point me to the URLs for the SDK and APIs please?


  • Evolution system tree error


    I installed a new work station on my network. I am able to connect to database but getting the sys tree error on the w/s.  I did a full uninstall and reinstalled but still not loading. 

  • System Freeze on Version

    Good day,

    I have a client using this version and Retail POS, the system freezes after every Receipt for a like a minute for all till users.

    this what I see on the event Manager. Any assistance or advice on how we can overcome this issue?

  • Point Of Sale Returns Not Pulling the Lines

    Good day,

    May I kindly ask what might be the cause when I try to do a POS return on an Archived POS Invoice it does not pull the lines?