• use Freedom Service with a public ip address

    i have SAGE 200 installed on a hosted cloud server with Freedom service setup and works on the server

    I am trying to access freedom service remotly, inbound tcp port 5000 is enabled but get a connection errror.

    I have tried replacing client computer name…

  • Issues loading credit note via sdk where line item needs to be a GL Account item

    hi There

    Looking for some help here on loading a credit note where some lines are inventory items and others need to be loaded as GL Account entries. 

    We have been in touch with SAGE sdk support who sent us this:

                //Order detail for stock Line


  • SAGE Evo 200 10.1 Unable to create a new database

    Hi all

    Need some help please, installed the latest version of Sage Evolution version 10 ( ), but after installation i am unable to create a new database.

    I am logged in on the Administrator account in Windows.
    Program installation ran…

  • QR functionality within forms designer

    Is there any option to add QR code in forms.



  • Inventory optimization not pulling re-order template

    I am trying to process a re-order process but every time I open the template within the re-order transaction process the template doesn't open and there is no error message. what could be the course and what solutions can I apply? Thanks.


  • SAGE 200 fields in bv GL TransactionFull and _bvTransactionHisFull views do not match in Evolution 200

    SAGE 200 fields in bv GL TransactionFull and _bvTransactionHisFull views do not match in Evolution 200, So i was not able to print general ledger report in Ver 7.10.1. Please assist

  • how to remove reserved stock from inventory


    We are using Sage 200 Evolution. While we placed the order, we found the stock is reserved. And we have confirmed on stock is under reservation. So how can we remove the reservation of the stock please.

  • Sage 200 Evolution and sage 100 Evolution

    One of my clients is using old Sage 100 Evolution and we recently updated the license and installed Sage 200 Evolution version 10.1.2 over old Sage 100.  But when we are opening the application still It shows sage 100.

    Anybody have any Idea on this, why…

  • Voucher Management: Error occured in connecting to Database Sever, Evolution

    Am using sage evolution V but am facing voucher management issue on some laptops as per image below


    I want to use freedom API to get specific item details. Currently I get all the information except it shows Zero (0) quantity on hand on all items. Kindly help

  • Sage 200 Evolution Freedom Service

    Hello, could someone kindly share a sample request of SalesOrderProcessInvoice transaction via Freedom API?

  • Stock Valuation report by date differ from transaction report

    Before printing valuation report by date I normally do the followings

    => Enquires => Inventory => Valuation by Date => View and then Save Valuation as per parameters below

    I then run my valuation report on the same date as shows on Valuation…

  • Importing XML (encoding utf-8) does not show imported data on sage

    I have created XML files from external system where I want to take supplier invoices. Importation went well without any error message and xml files archived successfully. But when I want to view imported data on sage I find nothing. I would like to share…

  • What is csv encoding format be used to create file to be imported?

    I have created csv files to import vendor invoices into sage 200 v7. But It keep saying different format. I would like to ask what encoding type must be used on csv.


    I have set selling price for each item per inventory per warehouse but price amount is not displayed on list grid as per image below

    Am using sage evolution v. with lot tracking enabled for some items

  • STRING or BINARY DATA WOULD BE TRUNCATED on Posting Accounting Receivable Batch

    Hello am using Sage 200 evolution v

    I have imported Account receivable batch upon testing system validate and post it.

    After posting I get an error as per image below


  • SQL 2019 cluster environment

    Anyone ever installed Sage 200 Evolution in a SQL Cluster environment. Utilizing the "listener name " when populating the Licence details so that if one SQL server fails , it will switch automatically to the backup server with no issues with the licencing…

  • Decimal value Sage SDK

    Sage SDK is giving us the following error 

    Document 1, Detail Line 9 (VJ5730): The value '0.1' for Quantity could not be set.

    <Documents xmlns:xsi="">www.w3.org/.../XMLSchema-instance" xmlns="">flowgear.net/.../Documents…

  • Retail POS Error - SPE07

    Anybody have a solution.. Please help me

    I am facing this error for last one month and nobody could able to help me to solve this. The issue is only for some items. If we do transactions by single items in POS,There is no issue.

    But if we do a group…


    Am trying to make fresh installation of Sage 200 Evolution. but I always get some error on Voucher Management and Inventory optimization  as per image below.

    I have tried to lower UAC and disable antivirus but it didn't make any effects on i…



    Am trying to configure sage 200 Evolution. to consume Freedom API

    But I fail to so "Unable to connect using the connection string provided"

  • Utilities Menu in SAGE Evolution version Symptom and Solution

    Utilities Menu missing from Administration drop-down menu.

    After installing SAGE Evolution version the utilities menu is available.

    After installing the SDK, the Utilities Menu disappears.

    The solution is to download the SDK from:


  • Fix Asset delay

    We have a customer who is using Sage 200 + Fixed asset module with 60000 asset register. When we do the GL depreciation batch. It takes too long (3-4 Days) to complete  and in-between if any network disturbances it will stop.

  • AOM Required for Sage 200 Evolution

    Can anyone help me with AOM of Sage 200 Evolution (Application Object Model or Data Dictionaries).

  • How to change line tax in sage Retail POS?

    How to change line tax in sage Retail POS?