• Inventory optimization not pulling re-order template

    I am trying to process a re-order process but every time I open the template within the re-order transaction process the template doesn't open and there is no error message. what could be the course and what solutions can I apply? Thanks.


  • Stock Valuation report by date differ from transaction report

    Before printing valuation report by date I normally do the followings

    => Enquires => Inventory => Valuation by Date => View and then Save Valuation as per parameters below

    I then run my valuation report on the same date as shows on Valuation…

  • Importing XML (encoding utf-8) does not show imported data on sage

    I have created XML files from external system where I want to take supplier invoices. Importation went well without any error message and xml files archived successfully. But when I want to view imported data on sage I find nothing. I would like to share…


    I have set selling price for each item per inventory per warehouse but price amount is not displayed on list grid as per image below

    Am using sage evolution v. with lot tracking enabled for some items

  • STRING or BINARY DATA WOULD BE TRUNCATED on Posting Accounting Receivable Batch

    Hello am using Sage 200 evolution v

    I have imported Account receivable batch upon testing system validate and post it.

    After posting I get an error as per image below




    Am trying to configure sage 200 Evolution. to consume Freedom API

    But I fail to so "Unable to connect using the connection string provided"

  • Fix Asset delay

    We have a customer who is using Sage 200 + Fixed asset module with 60000 asset register. When we do the GL depreciation batch. It takes too long (3-4 Days) to complete  and in-between if any network disturbances it will stop.

  • Branch validation(Order Posting)

    How can i post an order into sage evolution without branch validation ?

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
    <Documents xmlns="">flowgear.net/.../Documents.xsd">

  • The Transaction log for database 'EvolutionCommon' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP'

    Good day, 

    We have recently upgraded our client to version 

    They can't access the Sage Evolution because of the error below.

    The Transaction log for database 'EvolutionCommon' is full due to 'LOG_BACKUP' 

    The evolution file…



    I would like to ask how to add parameter on reports  designed under Sage 200 report builder found on common module?

  • Items Group - Override Transaction Type GL Accounts


    I am creating a Group of service items in order to override Transaction Type IN (invoice) default general accounts for Debit/Credit. I did the following:

    - created the Group "Service CEB Utility"

    - created a service item "ELEC001"…

  • Imported Inventory Journal Batch does not post


    I am having a challenge with Inventory Journal Batches on Sage Evolution.

    If a batch is imported and you try to post the Batch, it validates without any errors, but it does not post.

    If you do the same batch manually, it will post.

    I also exported…

  • Chart of Accounts design


    I need to create following structure of accounts:

    Revenue -> Audit -> Local

    Revenue -> Audit -> Offshore

    Revenue -> Advisory -> Local

    Revenue -> Advisory -> Offshore


    I decided to go with segmented COA and created Segments…

  • opening balance


    I have some General Ledger accounts given to me by accountant that I need to open balances before starting to process transactions.

    Am not from an accounting background so any help to clarify on the topic would be most appreciated.

    Can anyone kindly…

  • General Ledger Best Practice


    I am new to using Sage 200.

    I am trying to insert some transactions (purchases) from supplierA.

    As shown below, all transactions will go under Purchases.

    1) How can I make it go under Purchases --- SupplierA account?

    2) Do I need to create many IN…

  • User Log in

    Good day,

    SAGE Evolution allows a user to log onto multiple devices at the same time, for example i can log in on my Desktop and My Laptop, Is there anyway the system can be set up to show that a user is already logged in and can not log in again?



    Is there a way to use crystal reports on sage 200 evolution as we normally use it on Sage 300?

    This because I want to create my own views on the database which will be used to populate information from  database.

    Alternatively is there a way to use…

  • Cannot uninstall Sage 200 Beta


    I have Sage 200 Beta version installed on client machine.

    Am unable to uninstall the software as it is not found in Control Panel - Default Programs.

    Also I have by mistake inserted registration code for it but want to install another version of Sage…

  • UK-Tax -Making Tax Digital for VAT

    Wondering if anyone has done any work to create a file or integration for Sage 200 Evolution for clients that are UK based and have the new digital VAT upload requirement?

    Most VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above £85,000 need to follow…

  • How to disable Show Password

    Good Day Everyone,

    How do I disable the check button "Show Password" at the Agent interface.

  • Inventory Issue - Object Reference not set to an instance of an object


    I am getting the following error on Inventory Issue:

    It does not seem to block my client from doing anything, but it is of course a concern for us all.

    Assistance will be appreciated.



  • Anyone had any issues loading Sage 200 (V9.20.003) onto a network environment running SQL 2017?

    Anyone had any issues loading Sage 200 (V9.20.003) onto a network environment running SQL 2017?

    We having issues getting the workstations connected. It is a fairly secure network , but before we hand it back to external IT as a security / Permissions…

  • Unable to place orders using customer zone

    Good morning.

    I have successfully set up my customer zone using business gateway. However i am unable to place orders. I have linked my inventory items to the customer. when i click place order, nothing happens. i have called Sage but i have been put…


    Good day All,

    We recently upgraded a Branch Accounting Site which also has retail Point of Sale from 7.00.207 to Version 9.20.

    When the Till operator tries to Scan a barcode this is the error they are getting. Anyone who has experienced this before?  This…