• Upgrade from version 7 to version 10 (latest version)

    We have been informed that it would be advisable to upgrade from version to It is purported to be a simple upgrade with very little intervention. Is it really as simple and what challenges can we expect?

  • Stock Valuation report by date differ from transaction report

    Before printing valuation report by date I normally do the followings

    => Enquires => Inventory => Valuation by Date => View and then Save Valuation as per parameters below

    I then run my valuation report on the same date as shows on Valuation…

  • Importing XML (encoding utf-8) does not show imported data on sage

    I have created XML files from external system where I want to take supplier invoices. Importation went well without any error message and xml files archived successfully. But when I want to view imported data on sage I find nothing. I would like to share…

  • What is csv encoding format be used to create file to be imported?

    I have created csv files to import vendor invoices into sage 200 v7. But It keep saying different format. I would like to ask what encoding type must be used on csv.

  • STRING or BINARY DATA WOULD BE TRUNCATED on Posting Accounting Receivable Batch

    Hello am using Sage 200 evolution v

    I have imported Account receivable batch upon testing system validate and post it.

    After posting I get an error as per image below


  • Delayed Processing when Merging Unprocessed Sales Order

    Since Upgrading from Sage Evolution 7 to Sage 200, anytime I merge Several Unprocessed Sales Orders into 1 invoice (one customer/timeframe within 1 month.....number of orders immaterial - same time for 2 orders as well as 20 orders) , the transaction…

  • 2% Withholding VAT for Kenya

    Good Day, 

    We would like to capture the 2% withholding VAT immediately the supplier invoice is posted. 

    Suppose we have a supplier invoice with an exclusive amount of sh.100, we would like the entry to go as follows

    Dr Expense/Inventory 100

    Dr VAT cont…

  • Inventory Summary Valuation Report

    When I run the Inventory Valuation Summary Report and sort by Item, I need to have the total quantity shown in the report as well as the monetary value which is there already.

    I have tried to add the field TotQty which is in the detailed report, but the…

  • Interfacing with an Evolution 7.20 database using the SDK and/or API


    I'm not able to find clarity on how to approach this issue. My client has Evolution 7.20 on local server. Like to retrieve and post data. Can you please help me with this?

    I tried to reach to [email protected] , but no reply yet…

  • Difficulty Spooling GL for Sage Pastel Evolution

    My product is Sage Pastel Evolution. We are having difficulty spooling the general ledgers for a company. The error message is: "Fields in _bvGLTransactionsFull and _bvGLTransactionsHistFull views do not match! Please contact your Administrator!". Please…

  • Sage 200 evolution price

    1. What is the price


    I would like to ask how to add parameter on reports  designed under Sage 200 report builder found on common module?

  • POS Module Disabling Receipting on Future Date

    We are running sage evoultion version 7.0.02 .

    We want to disable posting of receipts in to a future date in the POS Module as is has caused misuse by our users leading to reported cases of fraud.see attached screen.

    I want restrict receipt posting to…

  • Old outstanding purchase orders and sales orders on the system

    Good day all,

    I need some assistance.

    My company is trying to clean their sage 200 system and get it in order. The system has purchase orders on it from 3 years ago where sone have a GRV number but are still sitting as outstanding because no supplier…

  • How to add documents into Sage Evolution

    Hi there

    I do not use Sage Evolution myself, I'm just the IT Administrator for the company. They currently use Sage Evolution

    One of the ladies remember being able to add documents into Pastel and frankly, so do I from previous companies…

  • How to disable Show Password

    Good Day Everyone,

    How do I disable the check button "Show Password" at the Agent interface.


    Good day All,

    I am having an issue with Bank Manager Whenever I open it I get this error. How do i sort this out, everytime i have to End the program in Task Manager. What am I missing?

  • When is Evolution going to compatible with Azure SQL ?

    When and if will evolution be compatible with Azure SQL ?


  • Can i install Sage Evolution version on windows 10 education(64 bit) ?

    Will pastel payroll 2020 work on windows 10 education(64 bit) ?

  • Business Gateway - Admin Password Reset

    Hi guys,

    Can someone assist here please. I am trying the reset the Admin user login password as the default password set up is not working. I tried resetting the password and got the following:

    I've tried deleting it in SQL and even tried to copy…

  • Loss on Exchange


    Loss on Exchange is set up in a way that it DR:Loss on Exchange Account

                                                                       CR: Supplier Account in case of Suppliers

    But at the time of Payment it requires automatic allocation and when u allocate it does vise verse…

  • Branch Accounting Missing Transactions

    Good day,

    Does Evolution have a way of identifying missing transactions Like for Example GL transactions that are in a branch and not in the Head Office.

    Is there any tool that identifies this and fix? Because I have more than a 1000 missing lines and…

  • Regional Settings and Bank Manager

    Hi Folks

    Does anyone have or could share a definitive setting or the like to set regional settings correctly in Windows 10 for importing bank statements?

    Just about every client is unable to import any bank statement (CSV & Txt) into Evo anymore EXCEPT…

  • User Defined Fields

    Good day all,

    Is there a limit to the number of UDFs one can put on the Invoice Lines table? I am trying to add A UDF and The Add button is greyed out even though I am logged in as an Administrator. However if I delete one UDF I can add the new one.

  • How can we setup sage evolution enterprise to automatically log someone out after some time of no activity?

    How can we setup sage evolution enterprise to automatically log someone out after some time of no activity?

    We have limited licences and some users at our branches forget to sign out. \that leave other users not to be able to login. 

    Thank you