Upgrade from version 7 to version 10 (latest version)

We have been informed that it would be advisable to upgrade from version to It is purported to be a simple upgrade with very little intervention. Is it really as simple and what challenges can we expect?

  • Hi Piet. The upgrade should be simple enough. However, there are some changes that have been implemented on the stock side  that you should be aware of. For examples, the Version 7 bin locations are now called Inventory categories and after the upgrade all your bin locations will be under categories. If you still need to use bin locations, you have an option to switch the functionality on, but now they operate differently from what they used to be like in V7. You might want someone to explore all the changes that have been applied for you to be comfortable if anything breaks..e.g customised reports 

  • Hi Piet

    In addition, please also note the following:

    1. You may try the upgrade straight from ver 7.20 to ver 10.1.

    However, if you observe any kind of upgrade errors, then you should implement a phased upgrade approach

    That means, do the following on the server PC 

    1. Restore the backup made before the upgrade started

    2. Install ver 9.10 or 9.20 to its own new installed folder

    3. Upgrade from ver 7.20 to 9.10/20

    4. Backup the company

    5. Uninstall Evo ver 9.10/20 and ensure there are no Evolution folders left

    7. Install ver 10.1.

    8. Upgrade from 9.10/20 to ver 10.1

    9. Backup the company


    Only install Evolution ver 10.1 and then locate the company 

  • Dear Bennie, I trust you're well. I have a small challenge. We need to upgrade from V7.20.9 to V10. Our consultant is quoting us for R140K. Is this reasonable? We did the version update last time obviously V7.20.1 to V7.20.9 without any issue. Should really consider contacting Sage to provide us another consultant?

  • My personal opinion, it is an over kill, unless you are running branch accounting DBs over 100 branches across Africa. That will require enough manpower to run the upgrade for all the DBs at the same time. Where are your offices @Jeremie-MN

  • We are running branch accounting but not even 20 branches and by branch in our scenario is not by location... it's branch accounting because we segregate the different donors. We are an NGO and our finance are donor based. Each donor/programme is set as a branch. We are located in Durban, Musgrave. Care to chat: 031 277 2700 ask for Jeremie

  • Hi Jeremie

    If you still want my input, can you please send me a private chat in Sage City? You raised a very sensitive topic that I think should preferably not be discussed in this open forum section of Sage City.

    Kind Regards


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