Running Sage 200 Evolution on the cloud

Hello friends,

This is Irfaan from Nairobi.

We are a Tissue and Hygiene Manufacturing industry with 50+GB of database.

We have some users who are connecting to HQ from 2 different cities via VPN.

I have been thinking to move our SQL Server/database to Microsoft Azure.

I am not very sure of the impact in terms of performance of the overall Evolution experience. 

We have a lot of reporting, specially on Excel which are linked to the database for real time reporting etc..

Taking database to the cloud, running these Real time reports over the internet may not be a good experience, considering some of the reports are YTDs.

I would like if anyone here is running their databases on the cloud already, what are your thoughts?



  • Hi Irfaan 

    Just a comment I can leave you with: (if you haven't considered the following yet):

    Before migrating to MS SQL Azure, please first carefully test it on a parallel setup to your current live environment. 

    I may be mistaken but I think Microsoft may be offering MS SQL Azure on a testing platform so you can then carefully test how Evolution may behave if your company has been backed up on Azure. This testing phase opportunity should provide valuable feedback on not just how Evolution processing, reporting etc. behaves but also help you to plan for many other, currently unknown,  factors to be considered.

    Kind Regards