Can sage 200 management my companies manufacturing process?

Hi All,

Let me provide some background, My company currently imports industrial valves and pipes. They are on the midst of starting to manufacture their own valves locally. I just joined the company a week ago and just before I joined they told me that they are thinking of heading to SYSPRO as they did a presentation to the company.

They currently have SAGE 200 V7.10.86.

They have tasked me with the responsibility to provide them with a system to do the manufacturing process. Currently they use SAGE but not at its full capacity. If they stay with SAGE they would still require additional modules like job costing and BOMs. They want to change the manufacturing process to SYSPRO and keep accounting and sales on SAGE. I personally have just under 2 years of SAGE consultancy experience (Partner, Xpress and Evolution) So I am trying for them to stay on SAGE.

I have worked with BOM's on SAGE before and I know that some of the processes SAGE can handle but not too sure about manufacturing on a large scale. The general process will be as follows.

1) Customer places purchase order (SAGE CAN DO)

2) Mechanical designer draws and designs the product on his software. (Solidworks). Need to know if Solidworks can be integrated into evolution because that will avoid us having to double enter the BOM materials and dimensions as these are already on the drawing.


4) Materials Shop - Actual Production. This industry has A LOT of certificates and all these certificates need to be uploaded onto the system. They basically want to search by job number on the system and have all the certificates come up because its very important. (Syspro said that they can do this)

5) Stores - They require a scanning system to scan TOOLS being used per job. This wont have any accounting implication on the jobs as it will be brought in as assets. They just need to have a system that shows who is using the TOOLS and if it was returned, how many they used etc. Not sure if they need a seperate system for that. Again syspro has told them that they can do this. I only have experience using the scanner on retail POS on version 9 of evolution but we as business partners ran into a lot of errors. 

6) Assembly, Testing, Painting, Sandblasting, Again all the certificates will need to show on the system. 

Anyone who has more experience on this, would SAGE be able to handle this? If they can we can bring in a business partner to do a presentation and help the company save costs as they are already on SAGE.

Please can someone advise.

Thank you.

  • Hi 

    My sincere apologies for the late response on your query 

    I think by far the best approach to your query would be to attend a product demonstration of the Manufacturing and other modules of Sage Evolution.

    I really think that Evolution's own Manufacturing and the Fixed Assets module  module may be able to meet your requirements but it should rather be confirmed by yourself attending a product demonstration first 

    Therefore, please send a new e-mail query to [email protected] and request an Evolution demonstration to be arranged for you and your relevant colleagues.

    We can even present it over a remote session which will be interactive. This  will be the perfect opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you may have.

    Kind Regards