Sales with different GL Accounts


I have this COA setup where the structure is as:

-----Sales (Revenue)

---------- Audit Sales (Revenue)

----------Advisory Sales (Revenue)

where Audit and Advisory are sub accounts of Sales from branches Audit and Advisory.

If I carry out a Sales Service item, I would like the transaction to be recorded in the appropriate Audit/Advisory Sales account

in order to drill down the top level Sales COA.

However, the Transaction Type default for IN is to Credit "Sales", as shown in diagram.

Hence, this will store all transactions in Sales account which I do not want.

I can check the "Always prompt for Credit Ledger Account" but is there another way of prompting for example

a different transaction type other than IN, say IN_AUDIT or IN_ADVISORY so that agent does not need to know which account to choose as this will be already set

for each Transaction Type?


  • yes, you can able to create different transactions codes for that. but when you processing invoice system only select default Transction type where we selected under inventory defaults. so create this item as service items(if you want use GL line in the invoice) and put in to the Inventory item group there you can select different GL sales account for each items and other defaults accounts.