Sage 100 Evolution Discontinuation

At Sage we have a continuous commitment to evaluating, developing and analysing our product portfolio, to ensure product optimisation and simplicity to our customers and partners.
Sage previously offered two versions of Sage Evolution, namely Sage 100 Evolution and Sage 200 Evolution. Although they have the same origin, each product has maintained its own individual roadmap over the years. After careful consideration Sage took the decision to discontinue Sage 100 Evolution new sales. 

This decision is in line with Sage’s vision to create a simple and clear product portfolio within the relevant segments. This will eliminate confusion on product feature sets and give our customers and partners a clearer view on our product portfolio. 

While we regret any inconvenience with this announcement, our Sage 200 Evolution product will continue to be invested in and offers greater functionality with far greater scope for customisation. The discontinuation of the Sage 100 Evolution is in keeping with our practice of low demand products. 

What options are available for existing Sage 100 Evolution customers? 

  • Sage 100 Evolution will still be supported and maintained via our partners.
  • Sage 100 customers may remain on the product and renew the product indefinitely. Their renewals will be subject to annual increases.
  • Customers can still renew their product and the customer support will be available until 30th December 2020. Thereafter support will only be available via Sage Evolution certified partners. 
  • Sage 100 customers may upgrade to Sage 200 Evolution at no additional license cost if you wish to do so. This will be a seamless data migration and customers will benefit from the added functionality within Sage 200 Evolution. However the annual renewal will be at the prevailing rate of Sage 200 Evolution. 
  • Sage 100 core modules differ to that of the Sage 200 core modules. Should a customer wish to migrate to Sage 200 they would receive the respective core modules on a like for like basis at no cost. However the annual licence fee pricing will be as per the Sage 200 Evolution price list. 
  • Sage 100 customers may consider migrating to Sage 50Cloud Pastel or Sage Business Cloud Accounting.
  • The Sage 200 Evolution product continues to be developed and supported, with a strong roadmap.  

 As a valued customer of Sage, our team is committed to supporting you through this transition to ensure it's as smooth as possible. Please contact your local business partner for further advise and or recommendations.  

Alternatively, please contact [email protected] to request further information. 

The Sage Evolution Team