Sage Freedom API syntax Query

Please can you confirm the syntax of the Freedom API call.

Do I need the REST word in the URL or not?

I am using Postman and YARC (Chrome extension) and get the same result.

According to the documentation I need to user this to get a list of Sales Reps:

/Freedom.Core/Freedom Database/SDK/SalesRepresentativeList{ORDERBY}, {PAGENUMBER}, {PAGESIZE}


So I changed the parameters as follows:

/Freedom.Core/Freedom Database/SDK/SalesRepresentativeList{Code}, {1}, {10}

STATUS:  405 Method not allowed


I then changed the request to the following:


 and got this.

500 Internal Server Error

Property on 'Agent' could not be set to a System.Int32 value.

You must set this property to a non-null value of type System.Int64

Please can you confirm what the correct syntax should be??