Sage Intelligence Financial Report giving a timeout error


I am trying to generate a report using the Financial Report Designer.

I have copied the Report to another folder to unlock the edit function.

It gives me a Timeout error.when running the Report.

The Chart of accounts is in excess of 15,000 accounts.

I did change the Timeout settings in SQL, but I get the same error.

I copied the company excluding all transactions, thinking that it would run, but the same error.

So I deleted about 5,000 accounts.

Then I was able to run the report.

Unfortunately I cannot delete the accounts from the live database because all are needed.

How can I get the report to run with all accounts and without getting a timeout error.

The Ledger is the Standard structure with Branch and Departments. as well as Master And Sub Accounts.


Satchu Archary

Amega Support Services

  • Hi Satchu

    My apologies for the late response. 

    Your error message was a known issue in earlier versions of Sage Intelligence (BIC) but may perhaps still be an issue.

    A) Old  FRD report version

    The first advise I can give you is to make sure that you make use of the latest Financial Report Designer, ver 1-9,  and run it on the latest Evolution version So please consider upgrade if needed.

    B) Advice from Sage Intelligence SA 

    Secondly, please also consider the advice provided by Sage Intelligence SA (the old Alchemex) in 2014

    When the report attempts to run out BICore reaches a 1GB limit when rendering data which results in the out of memory error, we have done further tests where we tried to execute the SQL query from within excel and this seems to work fine, which does basically concludes that our software cannot handle the data amount that is being transferred into excel.


    I have spoken to our product owner and advised her of the situation that we are currently facing and unfortunately she has advised that it is very unfortunate that our software cannot handle the data being passed through, our programme is designed that as soon as BICore reaches the maximum of 1GB of memory use it will unfortunately throw out an error.

    The only solution that we have for the client in this case is for the client to run out the report for shorter intervals (e.g. 6 months) as this has been tested and works perfectly.

     I do understand that this wasn’t the clients expected solution, but I do hope that they will be able to use the workaround that has been tested.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Satchu

    Thanks for the detailed feedback.

    Do me a favor please: Log your query with Evolution Support in the usual way but clearly request it be send for my attention.

    I will then formally investigate it for you as a normal incident query and report back to you. Of course we will have to also address it with Sage Intelligence SA 

    But just one question: 

    You mentioned above you copied the report layout to unlock it.

    If you run the standard FRD 1-9 report without copying it first, do you then still observe the same Timeout error?

    Please paste the screenshot of the error in this chat.

    Kind regards


  • Hi Bennie

    Thanks for the feedback.

    i Dis run the report first before doing the copy.

    I had the same error..

    I will send the query to support.

    Once you get the query, I can upload the data without any transactions.

    so you can see at first hand, the issues.


    Satchu Archary 

  • Good, no problem, Satchu

    I'll await the query then via our Support Department



  • Get the same. we use to change timeout settings with plconfig application but that seem to not work anymore

  • Hi Cor

    I sent you a mail with some further questions to help us log this matter with Sage Intelligence 

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