How to diagnose Sage 300 Web Api for Sage 300 Web screens

Sage 300


It may be required to test Sage 300 Web API functionality when diagnosing issues with Sage 300 Webscreens. Sage 300 uses an open source developer tool called Swagger.


To test Web API functionality, do the following:

  1. Open swagger website, http://<servername>/Sage300WebApi/swagger


  1. Swagger will fetch resource list, this will list all resources and may take some time to load.


  1. Any resource can be tested, for example Select APAccountSets, A list of operations will show.


  1. Select first GET in list (APAccountSets), at the bottom of the section is a Try it Out! button.


  1. After selecting Try it Out!, credentials screen will appear.


  1. The credentials are Sage 300 credentials in ALL Uppercase, for example the default would be user name ADMIN with password ADMIN (must be all uppercase)


  1. Response Body should show what is selected, in this example Account Set Codes and related data.


ID:92988Last Modified Date:6-18-2019