SAGE 300 ERP - Consolidated Management Reporting

Dear Forum,

I would like to reach out to all networks if we know anyone who can provide support in our software. Recently we installed SAGE 300 ERP, and we are struggling to get all our accounts consolidated for our Monthly Management Reporting.

Best regards,

Maria de Paz 

  • Hello Maria

    I would suggest that you request the assistance of your Business Partner first and for most. This is the company/person from which you bought the Sage 300 Cloud and did the installation for you. You may also provide full details of your issues, version and product update levels in this forum or  (if you are a certified Business Partner) you may provide full details including screenshots of  errors email Sage 300 Cloud support on  ZA-AP-DL-ErpSupport <[email protected]>


  • Thank you Patty for the suggestion.

    however, we are struggling to get this done through our Business Partner it has been more than 8 months now and yet we haven't get the proper monthly reporting from SAGE through them. We exhausted all our resources and We have lost all our confidence in them, and i am afraid we will lose hope with this software soon if this is not sorted out soon.

    Majority of the company i know in this part of the globe do not and refuse to use SAGE. This is the first company i encounter still using SAGE. hence, this Forum is my only hope for its redemption. 

    So whoever is out there who can refer us someone, we are looking into hiring.

    Once again thank you and we look forward.

    Best regards,

    Maria de Paz 

  • Hello Maria

    Please may you email me your contact details, including your company name and ID. Use our support email address which is: [email protected] I would like to give you a call.

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