• Sage Mobile App Error

    After all the configuration that includes

    1. 8943 Port opened

    2. SSL binded with the port

    3. Valid SSL 

    4. Reverse lookup creation

    I am unable to see my leaves and other details on Sage Mobile App. Details of the employee are visible but unable to see…



    Kindly check P9/ Tax certificate on ESS, most clients are asking for it, is it possible for development to put it on ESS.


    James Mbote

  • Web ESS profile is inaccessible by end user

    Good day,

    Kindly assist, end users are unable to access profile on Web ESS. All ports are open for Web ESS.

    The profile is accessible on the server were Sage 300 People is installed.



  • Release WebSS Errors

    Good Afternoon,

    I have done some upgrades on test environments to However, after a successful update of the system, I cannot login to WebSS. Errors include;

    1.  A software upgrade is required. Please contact your system administrator (on client…

  • Issue to print documents directly from WebSS

    We are aware of an issue where users are not able to print documents directly from Web Self Service.

    This is caused due to changes made to the latest versions of  Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox.

    Download and save the file first, before attempting…

  • Performance Contract Step-By-Step Guide

    Good Morning,

    Kindly assist with a step-by-step guide to Performance Contract in WebSS. The technical bulletin does not explain detail especially after contract initiation, the steps that follow.

    Thank you


    I am try to secure the Web SS with an SSL certificate so we use https. When i enable SSL the profile drop down list does not load, the browser is blocking this content. and i have to manually allow the scripts.

  • What can I check if I have Leave Definitions missing from Web Self Service/ESS?

    From the Navigation Pane
    Expand                   Self Service
    Expand                   Setup
    Double click on       Process Definitions Linking
    Click on                  the Process Definition in question

    Ensure your Leave Definition workflow setup as below:

    From the Navigation Pane
    Expand                   Company Managem…

  • Unable to show inbox item

    An entity was created only to approve Leave and Claims in ESS, However, the user can view the Leave inbox item but unable to view claim inbox item.

  • Snippets - July 2019

    Click here for our Snippets for July 2019.

    The following topics will be discussed in the Snippets:

    • How to print the Leave Provision Report
    • How to load a Tax Directive
    • How to make use of Data Export
    • How can employees view their own leave transactions…
  • Snippets - June 2019

    Click here for our Snippets for June 2019.

    The following topics will be discussed in the Snippets:

    • Upload Tax Certificates to Web Self Service
    • Personal Tax Returns in RSA
    • Explanation of IRP5 code 4150
    • Adding a new Payment Definition
    • Adding loans on the…
  • Generic Exception Error when viewing payslip in WebSS

    When a user access WebSS to view the payslip they get an error - Generic Exception - Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: '1437' Key being added: '1437'

    A few things needs to be in place.
    1. On Company Rule > Default Rules a…

  • Fixed Asset Register

    The rate and useful economic life of the asset is in 3 yrs and should be  36 months,the systems is in month.Please, Can someone help where should i go and make changes ?

  • How to reset password for an ESS user by Report To Manager

    Login to ESS.

    Click on the drop-down selector next to the ‘Welcome [user]’ and click on Manage Team.

    The Manage Team functionality is only visible to users who have been set up as a Report To Manager in the People system. 

    A list of users…

  • Creating an ESS user on Web SS

    Log in to WebSS as manager.

    Click on the drop-down selector next to the ‘Welcome [user]’ and click on Manage Team.

    Click on Manage Team functionality is only visible to users who have been set up as a Report To Manager in the People system…

  • Display name Format

    Did you know you can change the format of the Display name field that appears in the Employee screen under Employee management as well as on reports and WebSS?

    To change the format, follow the below steps

    On the Navigation pane:

    Expand:                Parameter…

  • How Do I add a new banking institution to the system?

    To load a new banking Institution on the system, please follow the steps below

    Navigate to:    Parameters

    Expand:           Entity

    Double click:   Bank

    Clink On:          New

    As per the Screen print below you will see the Test Institution I have loaded

  • Payslips missing on WebSS


    All the employees payslips are missing for June on WebSS.  July's payslips is still on WebSS.

  • New Leave Approver

    Good Day,

    One of our managers left the company. He is a leave approver. How do I link a new approver to take over his leave transactions?

  • BCEA Leave Pay-out via ESS

    Good Day,

    Is there a way for the Sage 300 People system to automatically calculate the variable BCEA amount for an employee, when a transaction is imported via ESS?

  • IRP5 Certificate Email Notification

    Good Day,

    Our Employees do not receive emails regarding their IRP5 certificates. They do receive emails about leave transactions and payslips. Please assist.

  • Unable to Submit Leave


    I am currently unable to submit leave on WebSS.  Please see error below:

  • Release IRP5's to WebSS

    How do I release employees IRP5's to WebSS? I did not select the option upon tax year end.

  • Report for unapproved leave

    I would like to pull a report that shows employees who have applied for leave on ESS but whose leave has not been approved by the leave approver.