• How to Allow Employee to Apply Leave During Probation?


    I am looking for a solution to apply leave if an employee is serving his/ her probation period. Is there an option to allow employee submit leave during probation. Please guide.

  • Leave in Lieu definition

    Allocating leave in lieu of monetary payment for time spent working, or to give an employee time off is common practice. An entitlement type has been created to suit this requirement.

    This functionality allows you to allocate leave to an employee that…

  • web self service notifications

    I have setup the;

    (1) Workflow Approver Management, Aprover Group - Leave_Finance - Approvers (Entity 4)  Role (mandatory) 

    (2) Setup the Process Definition, Leave_Finance Content (Process), Step Definition Approver Group(Leave_Finance) 

    (3) Linked the Process…


    Good Morning,

    Apparently paternity leave of 10 days p.a. has been promulgated since November 2019 in South Africa.

    This does not seem to have been included with update

    Will there be another update to accommodate this?


    D'vora Kimb…

  • How to capture Advance Salary in the mid of the month

    Hi in Middle East - Specifically in UAE most of the Company pay Advance Salary to the employee leaving before the month end.

    For Example, I am applying for a Leave on 15th of September and will be joining back on 15th of October.

    In this case if my…

  • I have a Process Definition with one Approver that has Approved leave but the leave stays Partially Approved

    From the Navigation Pane
    Expand                   Self Service
    Expand                   Setup
    Double click on       Process Administration
    Search                    for the Leave transaction in question
    Click on                  the Leave Transaction in question

    You will notice that once the Approver approves the leave it re…

  • Help

    Can someone help me on our to get this done.

    Client is currently using Sage 300 two companies on one database.He has been posted on it, now he wants to seperate it.Same users will be working on the new comapny,He wants seperate reporting, customer statement…

  • The Process Status under Process Administration shows Cancelled and I cannot see it in the Employees Leave Detail Leave Transactions Tab

    If the Process Status under Process Administration shows Cancelled as below:

    The reason you cannot see it in the Employees Leave Detail Tab> Leave Transactions Tab is that under the Steps Tab as seen above it just shows CAN - Cancelled is that the…


    Good morning

    Please advsie whether SAGE have issued an update so as to populate paternity leave on the system?


  • New Leave Approver

    Good Day,

    One of our managers left the company. He is a leave approver. How do I link a new approver to take over his leave transactions?

  • BCEA Leave Pay-out via ESS

    Good Day,

    Is there a way for the Sage 300 People system to automatically calculate the variable BCEA amount for an employee, when a transaction is imported via ESS?

  • Leave days in Outlook

    Good Day,

    I would like to get my employees leave days takes in my outlook calendar. Please assist.

  • Leave transactions report

    Which report can print to check leave taken for a certain period

  • Termination Leave payout

    I am trying to pay out leave for an employee but I get an error.  It takes the transaction if I do not select a Payout rate.  The second I select a payout rate I get an error.

    could you please assist

  • Unable to Submit Leave


    I am currently unable to submit leave on WebSS.  Please see error below: