How to do a Backup and Restore within Sage 200 Evolution

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A backup is essential for every company database to recover from most disasters and it will also help to protect you against database upgrades that go bad, table corruption and other system problems.

Advantages of Backup and Restore on Sage 200 Evolution

Security. This is one of the most important aspects of data backup and recovery. As IT systems grow and integrate with one another, the number of potential threats increases to the information that a company holds. Maintaining a backup and recovery solution that has strong security is foremost when looking to protect and save data.

Ease of management. Especially when restoring lost data, which can be stressful and time-sensitive, ease of management creates consistencies in the processes for backing up data and information. It avoids end users backing up their own devices inconsistently and irregularly.

Reliable replication. Ensuring accurate replication of your data makes it disaster-proof.

Maintain compliance standards. Collecting and preserving critical data through regular backup processes, IT departments can quickly respond to requests from legal or auditors.

Zero impact on performance. Most of the time users don’t realize that a solution for backups is running in the background. Fewer disruptions to users mean more uptime.

The following steps explain how to do a Backup and Restore within Sage 200 Evolution.

1.Go to Administration > System Tools > Database Administration, an option is available to either Backup or Restore the current database.

Specify the location of the Backup and click on the OK option to back-up your database.


2.The following message will display when the backup has been successfully completed.


3.Click on Restore below to restore the Backup and specify the location to restore from.


4.The following messages will display during the Restore process.

Click Yes to continue.

Click Yes to continue on the second message below as well.

5.The following message will display once the backup has been successfully restored.


Within Sage 200 Evolution we also have an option to schedule a backup through the Job Manager.

The following link is an article that explains an alternative way where Sage Evolution Backup and Restore can be done on Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.