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I just purchased sage and I have two questions

1 do I have to apply a bank account?

2 do I have to do a year end report or anything?

I’m just looking for software that I can keep decent records. I’m very private and don’t want to share my info until I need to on my own. also how in the world do I get logos to appear ?

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    Thanks for reaching out! Are you planning on recording payments to any vendor / supplier invoices using Sage Accounting US? If so, then a bank account may be required for your company database setup. The setup wizard should guide you. It may be possible to select a "cash" account instead. 

    As for your second question, it's only advisable to print off year end reports if you have payroll and remittances to account for. You may want to print off any financial statements for the year, this is up to you. Here's a Financial Year End Checklist.

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    In Accounting Plus - US edition, there is the ability to choose between the accrual and cash basis methods. The program automatically defaults to the accrual method. See here for full details. 

    To switch to cash basis

    1. Go to Settings 
    2. Select Fiscal Year & Accounting Method (under Financial Settings).

    Should you have any further questions Please reach out to the support team via the chat link located in the "Contact" section of this page or in the top right corner when logged into Sage Accounting US.