• Account Credit Application

    Is there a way to set up my invoicing to automatically apply the Customer's account credit to their invoice? This would be SO HELPFUL, instead of having to create the invoice, then go and receive the credit against it, then reprint the credited invoice…

  • Getting Started in Sage Business Cloud Accounting

    This article describes the Getting Started tab and lists the activities related to setting up. Go to the Summary page to get started with Accounting. Use the links to enter customer and vendor information, set up your chart of accounts, and connect your…

  • May 2021 - What's New

    Feature: Easier invoice customization

    We've made it easier to access the settings you need to customize an invoice when you're creating a sales invoice.

    Whether you want to change your logo and template or change labels and headings on the invoice…

  • March 2021 - What's new

    March 2021 Update

    Sage is pleased to announce these new features and updates.

    Easily improve your documents

    To make document customization easier, we've moved document settings to their own section on the Settings page. With this change, we've also renamed…

  • How to Correct Vendor ID on reconciled payable check

    A payables check was entered with the wrong Vendor ID. The same Vendor has 2 different Vendor ID's, which is necessary.  How do I correct the Vendor ID if the check has already been reconciled?

  • How to setup your Chart of Account

    About the chart of accounts

    The chart of accounts is a list of all of the accounts used by your business. These accounts are known as ledger accounts.

    You can use the chart of accounts to analyze your income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, and capital…

  • What's new - Sage is pleased to announce these new features and updates.

    January 2021 Update

    You can now show up to 100 items by default on list pages (such as Sales Invoices) throughout Accounting.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Navigation and Data Grids
    3. and then select 100 in the Tables of Data section.

    You can override this setting as…