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Sage Accounting is helping make everyday tasks easier

Simplicity in Complicated Times

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. To ensure you stay on top of your finances we've simplified some of your regular tasks and reports saving you valuable working hours.

Improvements to reports and invoices:

  • No more confusion - 0 value invoices have been taken out of your overdue and outstanding payment reports and invoicing screens to reduce errors and save time collecting payments.
  • Say goodbye to repetitive invoicing - Save time and reduce errors by using Recurring Invoices. These are great for invoicing services that you deliver on a regular basis and for products that you sell repeatedly.
  • Simplifying tasks - You are now able to make transfers between your cash accounts without having to leave the banking section, removing unneeded steps and time.
  • Key reports are easier to use
    • Validate the accuracy of your Accounting records and view the information in a way which complements the task in hand with the enhanced trial balance report.
    • Key reports have been simplified, including the PDF versions, ensuring they are clear, using familiar terms, and easy to export.

Run your business from anywhere:

With the additional flexibility added to the Sage Accounting mobile app you can run your business and practice from anywhere - making the most of your time.

  • Invoices on the go - You can now make key adjustments to an invoice on the fly including amending the address once off; adding a discount to reflect as a line item and adjusting your stock levels directly or while invoicing so you can always maintain accurate stock records and get your invoicing done.
  • Easier control anytime, anywhere - Be in control of your business no matter where you are with instant access to your customers' records, transactions and cashflow. Transactions include create, customize and convert/link quotes, estimates, invoices, and credit notes/drafts, adding carriage/shipping charges to your sales invoices and checking your average cost price of items (so you are not overcharged).
  • Better manage your payments by quickly adding your attachments to your customer receipts and supplier payments via your mobile app.

For more information on the above features, please see the Release Notes.

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