Issue Embedding SEI Dashboard into a Sage X3 Home Page.


I have an SEI Dashboard that I have embedded into a Sage X3 Home Page by creating a Menu item (Gadget).  The problem I am having is that the SEI server is refusing the connection when the URL is executed.  I'm assuming SEI is looking for credentials but a "server connection is refused" message appears  when I click on the Log-on button.      I have no issue running the SEI dashboard in a new Window opened from a URL link in a Process.  

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    I was able to find a way around after several weeks of trial and error and this was the solution I came up with. Install the supplied patch, after which edit the Nodelocal.js file in the Syracuse bin directory using the supplied codes as presented in the manual. But it must be noted that when editing the code you must ensure all opened tags are closed and the code is well indented if not you might disrupt the system to perform well so its advisable to have a copy of the initial set of codes in the Nodelocal.js file saved separately some where in case things goes wrong and ensure you restart the Sage Apache Services after this and with that I think you should be good to go. Don't change the code except where you need to supply you server name. Hope this helps. 

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    As we are experincing this issue as well, and this solution does not appear sustainable, does anyone have news as to whether this issue will be going away as supported by Sage directly? Will this be fixed in an upcoming patch or something?

    We were informed that this is a browser security issue, so should we be using a specified browser that does work?

    We literally cannot embed any SEI reports into Landing Pages, despite that being one of the main reasons we upgraded to V12.

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    Hello Christianson,

    Have you read the SEI online help here

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    Thank you for this reference. I have passed it along to my team and we are exploring it for our uses. 

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