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  • SToCK in a specified date

    Hello i working on SCRIPT of Stock in a BI TOOL i want to have initial stock,amount of incoming quanity what ever transaction ID . and outcome is there a way to have the stock in a speciefied date a table which give this information 

    because STOJOU inclide…

  • Rapport stock détaillé

    Bonjour je travaille sur un rapport de stock sur un outil BI 

    L'objectif est d'avoir le stock initial les entrées les sorties et stock final pour les entrées et sorties l'information est disponible sur la table STOJOU par contre il me faudra le stock initial…

  • page blanche


    mon problème est au niveau de facture vente , j'ai des factures avec des lignes a prix 0; je voudrais imprimer une page blanche si la condition est vrai (un article et facturé a prix 0 ) 

    merci pour votre aide

  • Using Financial Transaction detail in a Sage X3 Report


    I need to be able to write a report that uses a custom field attached to every transaction in Sage X3. I have noticed that the Analytical Report contains balances and Net Monthly movements for accounts. What I need to be able to do is obtain transactions…

  • Installing Sage Intelligence and connecting to Oracle database


    I need some help with one of my clients. They have installed Sage X3 on Oracle database. I need to install the Sage Intelligence software next week. The default reports out of the box I need to configure. I know Sage Intelligence is not compatible…

  • How to change length of account description in RDA Accounts report?

    Customer has some account descriptions over 30 characters.  I went to the base sub report Report Designer - Accounts SX3 1-1 and opened its data container.  There is no restriction on length there yet when the report template renders, the ACC worksheet is…

  • Current period - Sage intelligence

    OK, more experimenting, and I am stuck at the following issue:

    I want to use the Current Period functionality of the formulas in my financial report.

    The financial report file I use, brings in a sheet called settings, hidden

    Within it, this sheet seems…