• No pegging processed on Stock Assignment

    When trying to automatically assign on Stock Assignment I get the information message, "No pegging processed", but nothing is assigned.  Any answers?

  • Manufactured product - Q status as default single item

    How do you have a single product be put in Q status as soon as a case / pallet is made in production? I can see how to do it by "product category" but i only want a single item within that category. 

    Sage X3

  • Force to open [M:ENM] to modify stock movement through code or configuration

    Is there a way to force the popup screen on a qty line modification of a purchase receipt?

  • Automatic Allocation

    Is it possible to turn off Automatic Allocation for one particular RAWMA in our database? We have a case where we have multiple work orders open for one part that comes in one at at time. We would like to choose ourselves which work order to consume it…

  • Product status and availability

    Hi, is it posible to make the products marked as "R" and/or "Q" not count as available? I'm trying to find something at Stock Management Rules but i'm having no luck.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Réapprovisionnement d'un site interne


    Je souhaite savoir si dans le cadre du réapprovisionnement d'un site interne ( un site de vente à partir d'un site magasin central) il est possible de plafonner les réapprovisionnements sur une période bien déterminée? En d'autre terme, il s…

  • Resolve Pending Issues for Lot Managed products

    Hello wise people of the Sage City,

    For a customer we had allowed negative stock on ingredients/raw materials to prevent constantly having to stop production because tracking returns an error due to stock being unavailable. Allowing negative stock results…

  • Item Key Change with existing stock


    I performed a key change on an item that had existing stock not realizing that key change does not affect stock. I have looked around in SQL and still see the old item code in STOCK, Neither code in ITMCOST, both codes in ITMMVT, and the new code…

  • Sales Order Line Is Under Preparation

    Does anyone know what this means?  We don't use "preparation".  We started getting this error message recently, sometimes we can blow by it and sometimes we can't.  This particular product is not managed so there is nothing to allocate…

  • Check for stock on hand when creating a Sales Delivery

    For a stock sales order, I understand that X3 checks for sufficient stock on hand at time of creating Sales Delivery. If there is insufficient stock on hand then the Sales Delivery cannot be saved. Is it possible to delay this check until validation of…

  • STOCOU - field meaning in Stock tables

    Maybe someone can give information on field STOCOU in stock tables?

  • Stock parameter - Autoprocess shortages (SHTAUTFLG)

    I have a question about Autoprocess shortages (SHTAUTFLG) functionality - a stock parameter. 

    There are created many sales orders, which generates shortages at stock. In different days. When a receipt is entered, due this stock parameter, the system automatically…

  • Short Term Rental

    I need to setup a process to manage short term rentals. I have investigated the lease contract option, but it requires Fixed Asset setup and a large amount of transaction overhead.

    The best option I have found thus far is to use a Loan sales order followed…

  • Is it possible to automatically receive product in at a different UOM than the 'Stock unit'

    Would like to automatically receive product in as a pallet, but maintain a stock unit in cases. 

    Thank you

  • Allocation priority by qty ordered vs qty in location?

    Is it possible to designate in X3 that when a customer orders x number of a product that it will look at location 1, but if it will deplete the stock to say 20% then it moves on to location 2 rather than deplete the stock in location 1 or have a split…

  • How to allocation goods of sales order by location, ignoring LOT, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO?

    The customer has several shelves as stock location.

    The problem is that the customer does not work with FIFO rules to allocate sales orders, he needs that when allocating a product the system takes all the available quantity in that location ignoring…

  • Packaging Consumption in Work Orders

    I'm looking for ideas as to the best way to consume packaging in work orders.

    We sell products in various packaging....totes, drums, pails, etc.

    Currently the packaging is relieved from inventory at time of sales invoicing.....packaging codes are…

  • Can X3 handle purchases where cost is negative?

    We run Sage X3 Update 9 Patch 9.

    The cost of a product we buy is going negative.

    This occurs from time to time because the product is a by-product- sometimes the supplier can sell the by-product, but other times they have to pay us to take it.


  • Chronological stock - when it is used?

    I hadn't been paying attention before. The system contains numerator tethered to the Chronological stock (Sequence number assigment>Stock>Chronological stock). When it is used/worked?

  • Disputed Stock

    Hi, anybody knows about disputed stock in purchase receipt screen?

    I cant found in online help and training material too, hope u all could give me some help. Thx 

  • Misc. Receipt of Stock at a Lower Cost

    Hello All,

    I have my stock valuation setup at Standard Costing - STD. 

    But, I would like to bring in stock into inventory at a lower cost than standard cost whenever a misc. receipt of stock is created for a particular item. We usually do a misc. receipt…

  • Stock Backflush and WO Closing

    Can someone provide more of a guidance to the backflushing feature when it occurs in work order closing?

    at what point does it trigger the new stock transaction to consume the "remaining" quantity of the components?

    outside of the product-site…

  • What is an appropriate Valuation Method for Product-Sites used exclusively back to back orders / purchase orders?

    What is an appropriate Valuation Method for Product Sites used exclusively for back to back purchase orders? ie. Goods ship direct from supplier to customer. There is no receipt. This is not Stock.

    We sell a product from;

    1. stock locations. Average Cost…

  • Why does WIP include purchase orders relating to closed back to back orders?

    Update 9 Patch 8

    Anyone know why WIP inquiry for a Product record includes purchase orders that have been invoiced and closed for back to back orders that have been delivered, invoiced and closed. 

    How do I change this, or what am I misunderstanding?


  • Allocate Cases before Eaches

    The business need is to set up allocation rules that always allocates cases of product, regardless of the setup on the product record. For example, on the customer tab of the product record the unit is EA (each) If a case of that product is equal to 12…