• Impersonate a user

    An Administrative user at a client has asked if there is a way for him to "impersonate" a user without having to log in as that user.    This way he could test the user menu and security settings without being logged in as that person.

    Is there…

  • Printing image attachment from Products to the Job Ticket

    I'm very new to Sage X3.  Does anyone know if it's possible to have an image that is attached to a product print on the Job Ticket report maybe as a subreport?  I have tried everything I can think of in Crystal Reports but I'm not getting anywhere…

  • Voiding/cancelling a Check in a closed period


    I have a cheque that needs to be voided/accounting cancellation.  The problem is that it is in a closed period, and the entry is finalized.

    The other problem is that this payment relates to a prepayment and needs to go back to the PO so that it…

  • [X3v12-4GL] In Script editor, how to open a X3 Storage Area folder to reads its filelist names?


    4GL Development question. Not sure the keyword to find for these.

    In 4GL, I know I can just manually put in the hardcode filepath to open through SYSTEME2 raw OS cmd call but it is very annoying to maintain (about 5+ scripts to update) every time…

  • Keyword setmode

    Hello, I don't understand what does the keyword "setmode" do, there is no help available on eclipse or on the internet. Can someone please explain it to me?

  • [v12p32] Need help on how to send a Report to email directly to user through Reports (AIMP) when email is set on Administration > Notification Server only.


    How to email a report without a SERMES entry?

    Tried to email to myself a report without a local SERMES entry.

    Report is: LISREL

    However, I receive nothing. Spam also no new email.

    Assume no local IIS6 SMTP Relay Server is available for Sage X3 use.

  • Deleting Erroneous Product Records


    I've joined a new company that's uses Sage X3 - After looking through the inventory reports, I can see there are occasions where a product has been duplicated but with a slightly different spelling of the product name. I would like to delete the duplicates…

  • Advanced Bank Statement Import - NAB BAI File (AUSTRALIA)


    Have any Business Partners in Australia been able to successfully setup and import  using the Advanced Bank Statement Import function in V12.

    I can not seem to get any assistance on this as Sage mainly deal with the MT940 files.

    Do clients actually…

  • connect ETIMEDOUT when printing report

  • Import/Export - BP Numbers

    I am trying to import/export BPs from one endpoint to another. However, when I import the file the BP numbers are chronologically assigned instead of keeping the same BP numbers from the exported file. Where do I go to adjust this?

  • Web service call issue

    Hi All,

    I am trying to call the web service using the SOUP UI Application but it is giving me error in the screenshot attached. Can anyone please help to resolve it?



  • Add field EANCOD in the inventory screen

    Hello everyone,

    Please I have a problem with adding the EANCOD field in the inventory screen, when I add it in the screen the field is displayed but empty.

    Please help me to solve this problem.

    thank you

  • Calculating optimal Batch Server's Maximum active queries settings


    Question: Is there a simple formula for setting up the Maximum active queries number and its single main runtime limitation before considering Application Clustering with multiple main runtime?

    I usually observe Maximum active queries settings was…

  • Sage X3 Malaysia legislation


    Is there any Sage X3 legislation add-on for Malaysia?


  • How to update exchage rate autmatically

    From Relases note, from 2022R2

    Update currency rates on demand. Use the Update currency rates function (FUNCURRAT) to update rates for all or a specific currency based on a selected date.

    How to setup the webservice to receive exchange rate with this function…

  • "LNGDES_0" of table ATABDIV invalid column name in SQL query


    I have written a simple SQL query that returns info about sales returns. I am trying to get the return code description to show up, from the ATABDIV table (Miscellaneous Tables) but it's throwing this notice that the column name, LNGDES_0, does…

  • VALUER Action Parameter Empty via Import

    On MISC RECEIPT screen


    Subprog AP_LOT(VALEUR)
    Variable Char VALEUR()

    The VALUER variable is empty when I use a import template, but not when I use the UI. Help please Slight smile

  • Calculating "velocity" of stock in a site.


    We use Netstock which has a "velocity" identifier that tells you in layman's terms how fast a product sells. It is separated into three main classifications: A, B and C and then three velocities: High (H), Medium (M) and Low (L). I am not sure…

  • Locking Error on Table STAT


    We are frequently having the File Lock Error error, attached image above the most recent.

    What could be the measures to determine the origin and any corrective measures.

    I checked the Locked Symbols (VERSYMB) and I didn't find any occurrence of lock…

  • New Relic with Sage X3

    Hi all,

    I was reading: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/public/getting-started_configuration-file-nodelocal.html

    and noticed this:

    Anyone have experience using it and how to get it to work?

    Also, is there a patch version limitation I need to…

  • Error Testing SOAP X3 webservice AOWSEXPORT with CHRONO "YES"


    I am trying to Export a template using webservice AOWSEXPORT with chrono "YES" using SOAPUI. But I am getting error or the result set has zero even after modifying or adding a record using Import.

    If I say Choro is NO webservice is returning…

  • Sage ERP X3 Updating\Patching from 12.0.20 to 12.0.30

    Hello everyone,

    I have a question please. 

    If I have sage X3 server version 12 patch 20 and I need to update the patch to become 26 or 30. 

    Is there a way that I can do the update of the patches one shot without going one by one. 

    And of course without…

  • WebScheduling X3 interfase logs

    Hi all,

    We are having problems with the total import from the Analytics.

    The logs on the sedApta side show that a request is made but doesn't get an answer from the Sage Server. It does`t happen all the time, since sometimes the import process finishes;…

  • delete the validated purchase return

    The purchase return is validated and its purchase invoice is posted. I would like to ask about how to delete this validated purchase return. I have tried the modification of issues from the purchase return Lines. The modified is in issued STK, which is…

  • How can I add more intervals to Aged Balance Report (BALAGEGRP)

    Hello There,

    I need help in Sage x3 Aged Balance report (BALAGEGRP), which I need to add more intervals in it. The report already shows the following intervals:

    1. 0-30 Days
    2. 31-60 Days
    3. 61-90 Days
    4. +91 Days

    What I need to do is add 2 more intervals as the…