• WebScheduling X3 interfase logs

    Hi all,

    We are having problems with the total import from the Analytics.

    The logs on the sedApta side show that a request is made but doesn't get an answer from the Sage Server. It does`t happen all the time, since sometimes the import process finishes;…

  • Error with printing and fixed assets in v12 after migration

    Good day

    I'm hoping someone has come across this issue before, we have completed a test migration from v11 to v12 and after the migration has completed we are unable to print in the new environment due to an error: Unable to connect: incorrect log on…

  • Company Logo Specs

    Good day

    Is there a specific company logo spec that work perfect in Sage X3 e.g. size and pxels?

  • ADC

    Who can bring some insight on V12 new ADC? I understand that is still not ready for full use, but once this happens, what will happen with the Telnet version? Would it remain working, or it will be cancelled by the license?

  • SAGE X3 Web Scheduling : new functionality 2022 R3


    Last week I was in a webinar to know about the new features highlights in 2022 R3.  It was announced that web scheduling instlaller will be simplier than the previous one and it will bring new interface and new functionality.

    Do you have any documentation…

  • Table dictionary

    Please anyone have Table dictionary list for sagex3 v12 or where I can find this lists?

  • Migrate Application Server to new Machine

    Hi All,

    As client want to move their application server to new server, just  to check is there any document or build diary for such action?


  • No more memory available

    I have a web service that is currently running fine in V11.  We are upgrading to V12, and I am testing the web service, and I get a "No more memory available" message.  It also references TRT/ARCHIVE.adx, which I a not familiar with.  Does anybody…

  • To delopy SSL Certificate for X3 V12 P30

    Dear all,

    I would like to enquiry information regarding deploy SSL certificate to X3 Webserver. Is there any documentations or guide showing the details and step for for deploying SSL

  • 4GL Documentation


    Any 4GL documentation for beginners like me? I appreciate any advice too.

  • warehousing documentation


    does someby have any documentation about warehousing management on sage X3  ? i can't find documentation on knowledgebase or web...

    Thanks !


    Are these Entry Point available from the documentation?

  • Does anyone have documentation on Potency managed products?

    On v12.  Cannot find Potency management documentation 

  • x3 v6 installation guide

    pls i need x3 v6 installation guide

  • Sage X3 upgrade from V PU9 to V12

    Dear Sage City forum users,

    we're currently looking for someone who has already tried or experienced migration from Sage X3 vPU9 to v12. We currently have one project where we've been asked to "test" this migration internally and see how this may work…

  • Is Sage X3 supported on 'Windows 2022'

    Hello Everyone, I just want to make sure if Sage X3 is supported on 'Windows 2022'?? , and is it just a matter of support from sage or there will be some technical issues?

  • Is there a documentation for useful standard x3 functions?

    Hello Slight smile

    As a Sage X3 developer, I have found that there are many useful standard X3 methods.

    One example is closing a purchase order with 4GL code via script.

  • Patch - update failed with error cannot read property '0'

    Should status after a patch say failed with error and should we assume patch 24 was not installed based on the X under applied?

    We went live with X3 on 6/1 after using 100 for many years. We are having some issues and are being told this is normal?…

  • X3 new ADC install

    I have just installed 2021R3 on my machine. 

    I attempted to install the new ADC in 2021R2 but encountered issues and left it aside. I noticed that in the components to install for 2021R3 there was something called x3-services-8.0.55-win for ADC.

    My questions…

  • MongoDB 3.6.14 Client SSL error

    We are patch V12 from P19 to P20

    We have installed all the pre-requisites including the correct Syracuse version. SSL certificates are not being used, and the Use SSL Certificates was not ticked.

    We have amended the Mongo.conf file to include bindIpAll…

  • PrintNightmare CVE-2021-34527

    Hello all,

    Curious what everyone's response here is for CVE-2021-34527. 

    This makes any windows server that runs the print spooler vulnerable, DC or not. Currently the fix is to disable the print spooler service which would obviously create some havoc…

  • The update finished with warnings

    After installing patch 26 on v12 i get this message, but I dont know where is the log or what are the warnings????

  • V12Patch 26 ADC

    So the ADCDIS is a different license requirement to the ADC? Also, will Telnet be available on still or is completely turned off?

  • EXCEL addin unnattended install


    Is there a way to install the Excel addin with a silent/unnatended install?

    i cant see any switch provided to install it without user interaction.

    I would like to do something like that : 

    SyracuseOfficeAddinsSetup.exe /s or


  • V12Patch26

    I did all the steps for ADC posted here: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/public/getting-started_sage-x3-services-installation.html

    But now my X3 is down, the Safe X3 Syracuse Server NODE0 wont start, error:

    Windows could not start the Safe X3…