• Product Description disappeared

    In Sage X3, PU9, Common data Module>Products>Products(GESITM)

    whenever I create a new product or modify the existing product, the data in description 2 and description 3 disappeared. ironically, the previous data in the same field for certain products…

  • Force to open [M:ENM] to modify stock movement through code or configuration

    Is there a way to force the popup screen on a qty line modification of a purchase receipt?

  • Representations questions on visible, invisible, technical

    The online help says....

    Query, Detail, Edit, Lookup, Summary

    These columns represent the different facets in which the property can be used. When one of these columns is selected, the property is present in the corresponding facet. Otherwise, it is not…

  • Stat99 Error on Accounting Interfaces due to Simulated Entry Generation User Parameter

    I think I found a Sage bug.

    I had two accountants who got vague Stat99 errors when trying to run the Stock Accounting Interface in both V11 and V12. Users with identical functional profiles and roles did not get the same errors and could run the SAI …

  • How to allow negative NET price on Sales Order/Deliveries/Invoices?

    Hello, we have the requirement to allow negative NET pricing on certain lines on Sales Orders, Deliveries and Invoices without using the discount fields. I've been able to enter a negative amount on the GROSS price for a line item, but then Sage makes…

  • Converting PR to PO - combines lines using the same part #

    Anyone know if there's a way to use the same part # on multiple lines of the PR and when it's converted to a P.O. it won't combine them into one line summing the quantities and price?  For non-inventory parts we use  a part # such as consumables…

  • Dimensions on Control Accounts


    Is anyone using dimensions on Control Accounts? Are you experiencing any issues processing transactions, matching, etc. 


  • Manual Matching analytical dimension requirement

    The manual matching process allows the creation of a journal entry to clear small open items when the MTC parameter and automatic variances are setup.  This process is working, where I can manually match a payment and invoice where the variance is under…

  • Sage X3 V11 Autoamtic Journal (GLCO) - Post line company as dimension

    Good afternoon.

    With the need of one of my clients on posting inter-company journal entry.

    During post inter-company journal entry, "inter-company NA10/ NA011" or "Inter-company NA10" will display on the description field of counterpart of…

  • Sage X3 v6.5 end of support ...

    Hello There,

    Please when is the v6.5 end of support? 

    Is it straightforward to upgrade to latest version?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Product Status definitions

    Hello, the on line support list product status definitions as follows:

    • First value: Active — The product is available for all the processes.
    • Second value: In development
    • Third value: Shortage — The product does not appear in search results, but can…
  • Pasterization for product

    Can a pasteurization process be added as an attribute to a product, rather than generating a new part number?

    Right now, we have one product that can go through 4 work centers.

    In order for us to denote a pasteurized product, we have to create 4 new…

  • Manual AP Checks Accounting Cancellation

    How do you handle manual checks if they are processed within the same bank account as system checks? Here's scenario:

    • Manual checks range is 1000-1500
    • System Checks 5000-5999; These range is set under checkbook. 
    • Sage EM does not allow for two check…
  • Sundry window development

    Hi all

    I have developed a sundry window for a specific function.

    This is not object managed, is sundry type.

    I have atachments that i save the my function and that i open by code and it works fine.

    When i have an atachment in that record, the paper clip…

  • Excel export of queried data limited to 500 lines

    when exporting queried data (for example, in journal enquiry screen) - the export function used in the documents tab - actions - excel export, is exporting max 500 lines, although 1800+ were found. However, when using the excel export on the same screen;…

  • Reading error of the treasury account

    Hello Sagians,

    I  am getting-  Reading error of the treasury account

    while posting payment issue document.

    NOTE: I am using IND legislation..

    An y idea/suggestion how to fix this error.

    Shereef N

    Nest Information Technologies,


  • SAGE X3 VERSION 6.5 4GL to develop Pop-up windows on A BUTTON

    Good day.

    Am trying to customise the print button shown in the picture attached (Print Sales Invoice ).

    I want a dialog screen to popup when a user tries to print.

    The idea is this, printing a crystal report from the sales invoice, should a particular…

  • How do i link a column created in Sage x3 Console Tables to reflect in the sage x3 database

    Good day forum.

    Am using Sage  x3 upfdate  22

    Am in the directory.

    Development>Data and parameters>Tables>Tables.

    I created a column called "RTN" as seen in line "85" in ask1. Am working with [DEMO].[SINVOICE]

    I can not see it in…

  • Open A closed Purchase Order.

    I am trying to use the FUNCLEAR FUNCTION to reopen a PO. However, when I search for the order. I get an error.

  • Moving Entries so They dont hit the current Period

    The system currently stops us from closing a period do the following two errors. 

    There is still some subcontract  in process that needs to be posted.

    Some stock movements still need to be posted.

    Once we identify the entries how can we not close it without…

  • Linked Account for Inter-site is not defined when trying to POST A Purchase Invoice

    I am running into an issue where the supplier invoice is not posting. When I hit the post button I get the following

    Linked Account for Inter-site is not defined for site. I have other invoices that were posted.

  • Product Category Setup Finished Goods

    Best practice in setting up Finished Goods?  We have all Finished Goods in as Manufactured and Bought.  I would think they should be Manufactured and only the rare few parts that are bought would be corrected at the Product Site Level.

  • Closed & Costed Work Orders

    Has anyone re-activated a Closed & Costed Work Order to correct costs?

  • Accounting Date Vs Posting Date

    Hi, Is there a way in X3 to report on two dates, i.e, one for posting date (the date data is entered) and accounting date (the date data belongs to a specific period)?

    I need this for auditing prior period adjustments to see what entries were made after…

  • Dimension Allocation/Distribution

    I'm trying to educate myself on the relationship between Analytical Allocations, Dimension Allocations, and Distribution Groups. I've scoured YouTube and Google, but am still confused.

    I think I get that Analytical Allocations are used to divide…