• Script does not update field value if the line is not entered

    Local Char ZPRODCOD(30)
    Local Char ZPRODCODOLD(30)
    Local Integer YESNO
    YESNO =2
    For i=0 To max([M:POH2]NBLIG -1)
    For [F:ITM] Where [F:ITM]ITMREF = [M:POH2]ITMREF(i)

  • Force to open [M:ENM] to modify stock movement through code or configuration

    Is there a way to force the popup screen on a qty line modification of a purchase receipt?

  • Affzo not working without mask abbreviation?


    When I use the following line of code

    Affzo [M]ITMDES2(NLIG)

    I get the following exception

    According to the documentation at https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/staticpost/affzo/ this should be working

    If I check the value of the field on that…

  • Screen Field Size

    Good day Ladies and Gents 

    Can anyone let me know if there's a way to make the fields appear larger on a screen?  It seems to dynamically change when you change the size of your screen, but ideally there are some I could make larger by default and…

  • Error adding Custom Description field to BOMs and Work Order Screens


    I am trying to add a custom long description field to our Manufacturing BOM screen (BOH0) and receiving this error - 

    I've added a "Before Field" Action to the ITMREF field and added this as the script. 


  • Access Codes

    I need to restrict all fields besides the supplier section on products.

    I assumed I could set the function GESITM to view only for this groups functional authorizations and then add an Access Code I created to the supplier fields and set that to allow…

  • 4GL Calculate Fields

    I am trying to do a simple calculation where I need to multiply two fields and the total is displayed in another field. I believe this can be easily done through 4GL programming, but have some questions. My thinking is I would add an action to the screen…

  • Error: "The entered value does not repsect the field format or type" - Unable to add comments in the "Delivery Comment" box of Order Management

    When trying to add comments in the "Delivery Comment" box of the "Delivery" tab on the Order Management screen, I encounter the error message in the attached screenshots. This seems to occur when trying to add several comments.  I'm…

  • Selected Value of a New Data Types

    Hi, as you can read from the subject i created a new data type linked to a custom object(a simple one, just a table linked to him) that on selection show me a parameter, how can i change shown parameter in another field of the same table?

    I'm using Sage…

  • Enterprise Management V12, patch 16 - Fields out of place and order.

    Hi all,

    We have  Sage X3 in V12 and we have just updated Patch 16. In doing so, some field screens are in the wrong order.

    In the SEED Dossier, Screen BPABPC [BPAC], we added a new field (XYSW, TYPE A - 10). Validate screen, now description field (XBPADES…

  • [4GL] Remove Row on a Screen

    Hi all, how can i remove, via 4GL, an ITMREF row on a Screen, for example, knowing only row's index number on Sage X3 V11?

  • How to increase the number of button on the screen header


    I would like to know if there is a way to increase the number of buttons showing on the screen header. As example:

    On Suppliers, I added 2 new buttons, Test 1 and Test 2, but on the header there are only 3 buttons


  • Creating new BP address field on Delivery

    The requirement is to print the company name, address, and contact details of the party responsible for paying for duties/taxes on a delivery. This may be different than the BPC listed on the delivery record.

    I am trying to add a BP number and related…

  • Product Desc 2 On Screen

    Is is it possible to have the product Desc 2 show up on Purchase order Screen? I looked at the screen level on PO and it is not hidden or available.

    Product screen:


  • Progress bar in Sage X3 4GL

    Hi everyone, I'm using "Call OUVRE_BOITE From GESECRAN" to show a popup window with a progress bar while doing some stuffs.
    How can I show the same popup window but with 2 bars, the first for the main task and the second for the sub tasks…

  • Filtering of transaction record on left list using object

    Good day everyone,

     I am Manuel a rookie in the use of Sage X3. Fortunately over time have gotten myself familiar with the Interface and workings of the ERP system but on the development part have been stuck with a few challenge and hoping get it it resolved…

  • Screen Layouts - SOH1 in particular...

    I'm trying to insert a new block into the SOH1 screen, but no matter how I set the positions they are not interpreted the same way the function help describes (using the "grill").

    Given these 3 blocks:

    BP, Position 1.1, line 1, col 2, sequence…

  • Changing the text of DISCRGVAL column on the lines tab of the invoice screen

    Does anyone know how to do the above? I've been asked to update the column names on the invoice screen to reflect what our users actually call it but can't seem to find a way to do that. I've tried updating the title, abbreviated title and the long title…

  • How can I display a value from the Purchase Order table on the Purchase Receipt line associated with the Purchase Order?

    Hopefully this is a simple request

    I have a Purchase Receipts screen, and each line item has an associated Purchase Order.

    I need to display a value from the purchase order (held in the PORDER table) on each line item

    If I just add the PORDER table to…

  • SPE script for STOALL screen

    Can somebody tell me if the SPESTOALL is actually the SPE script for the STOALL screen?

    I have been writing code in it and I have not been receiving a response back from the screen. 

  • How to Hide a Field for A User.

    I am trying to hide certain field that come up on the invoice screen Cost Price and Margin columns on sales orders and invoices. How can I do that

  • Stock by Lot/Location Screen

    I have 2 questions:

    Does anyone know where to find the screen titled "Stock By Lot/Location" in X3 V6.5 ? I can't find it in Screens anywhere and I want to modify it. I attached the screen below.

    Also, does anyone know how to modify the…