• Incoming Inspection on Purchase Receipts

    Hello Sage Community,

    I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I am looking at implementing an inspection process for Purchase Receipts but we have a scenario where the item being received is not Stock Managed. If an item is not going to…

  • Force to open [M:ENM] to modify stock movement through code or configuration

    Is there a way to force the popup screen on a qty line modification of a purchase receipt?

  • Purchase Invoice billable quantity should be "A" status

    Hello Everyone,

    I want to create a purchase invoice for the receipts which are having only "A" status.

    For Q and R status receipts system should not allow us to create an Invoice.

    Just for your reference, I had done the following setups:-

  • Setting up Windows M3 Mobile to connect with X3 to use ADC Functions

    Hi All

    Our client acquired windows M3 handheld type, to be used for stock operations e.g Stock receipt, Stock count using the ADC functionality in X3. We have installed the webserver component on the X3 server and also the telnet client. When we run the…

  • How to manually change exchange rate when do purchase receipt ?

    Hi all

    I want know that can i change exchange rate in purchase receipt manually (not exchange rate type)

  • Putting a Validate Button on Purchase Receipt


    Is it possible put a stop on direct validation of Purchase Receipt. It should create a Purchase Receipt, then on confirmation generate the needed journals. Can we put a 'Validate' button as done on Sales Delivery. Using this block, Purchase Invoicing…