• Printing is slow for only specific functional profiles


    I have a very peculiar problem that we have struggled with off and on since we upgraded to v12 in 2020.Some of our users report that SOME of the Crystal reports they print take a very long time to load. I have finally narrowed it down to functional…

  • send report as attachment


    I would like to know if it is possible to send a report (PDF) by email from sage X3 while allowing the user to personalize the email (subject, message, recipients...).

    I made a script that automatically generates the invoice in pdf format to save…

  • Attaching reports

    I want to e-mail different reports as attachement to customers and suppliers. I used the same principle as workflow rule APRINT and create two rules

    (1) Purchase order

    (2) BP Customer invoice

    The issue I have, when I print e.g. purchase order to mail…

  • How to send email with PDF attachment using one button

    Hello everyone !

    I'm still new with programming on sage, I want to make a button that will send purchase order PDF email to my supplier but only accessible after 'POHSIG'  workflow rules completed, does anyone know the best way to approach…

  • Facing issue while printing ZPL reports

    Hi All,

    We have a client for whom we did customization related to ZPL labels where we are sending ZPL labels for printing on clicking of a button. We made a report named 'YPIHLABEL' for which we set 'PIH_LABELS' as parameter code where PIH_LABELS is ZPL…

  • Reminders, Grouping Codes, and FUP report

    Hello -

    Reminder campaigns are a great way to help with AR collections.  In fact, it integrates X3 CRM to help setup tasks, phone calls and other CRM activities.  It also provides the ability to generate "Dunnings" style notifications.  There are…

  • Attaching PDFs to Work Orders

    Can we add PDF (or JPG) attachments to work orders?  The PDF will be added to finished goods.  When they create the work order package, they wat the PDF to be included in theset. 

  • Crystal Report to Print not displaying values, but to .pdf it will.


    It looks like when I print directly from X3 to the printer I'm not getting my net invoice amount, it appears as #########, but if I do a .pdf preview it is there.  Any suggestions? 

  • Crystal Report export to Excel - date formatting issue

    I need some help here.  I have a Crystal report that contains a sub-report with a date field.  My goal is to export the report from X3, go to Excel then to a pivot table and use this date field as a major sorting point.  My issue is the date field (from…

  • Crystal report reverts to SANDBOX mode even though the *.rpt file was not modified

    We have a v12 client with a Workflow that runs nightly and emails a PDF attachment. On at least two occasions the first record triggered generated an email without the attachment but the remaining records processed in that same execution of the Workflo…

  • Add certificate at pdf and send via email

    Hi Everybody
    IS there the possibility of adding a certificate when generating a pdf invoice, and automatically sendind it by email? Right now we send pdf invoices by email, but I don't know if can add a certificate to pdf before. Has anyone encountered…
  • Recurring Tasks AIMP report parameters destination

    Are there variables available in the Recurring Tasks report parameters for an AIMP task file name?  For example, I have a set of reports that run weekly and I would like the file name to append the date at the end so each week's report is a separate file…

  • Sent mail with attachment upon workflow complete approval

    Dear Sagians,

    Is there any way to send an automatic mail with respective pdf attachment in sales order. The mail should sent automatically when the sales order completely approve.

    Thanks In Advance,
    Shereef N

  • Workflow email From Address

    When emailing from workflow in Sage X3 the from address is picked from the user record.

    Is there a way we can override this and specify a generic from email address

  • Problem when attaching an email from Outlook


    We are facing a problem with SAGE V12 when dragging and dropping an email from outlook (.msg) to the attachments screen in SAGE. Though the email is correctly attached, it is subsequently deleted from Outlook. After submitting a case with SAGE…

  • Invoice emailing

    Hi guys 

    Is there a way of emailing invoices once an invoice has been created in x3

  • Printing Bank File


    I am setting up my Bank File like Header, Detail, Detail2, Total.

    However, i'm printing the bank file from Manual Remittance Entry, the Bank file only keep showing me Header & Detail, but i always can't get Detail2 & Total.


  • Is there a way to export some data into a csv or text file and tag it on to the end of a printed report?

    so,  we want to output some of our customer data into another system but only as the delivery documents are printed.

    on V11, is it possible to tag something on the bottom of the report code that will output a CSV to a given location.


    user prints document…

  • HTML E-mail


    Do someone have a solution to send a html e-mail from SEM 4GL ?

    An example would be highly appreciated.

    Thank you

  • Sage X3 - Print reports to Email

    Good afternoon.

    With the need of one of my clients to send all kind of reporting by email we came across a problem.

    We used the ARP event to manage the workflows so they could send the message with their report as an attachment.

    This worked smoothly…

  • How to send crystal report by mail

    We have a report file that is generats a PDF and we need to send it by mail once it was generated.

    Documentation says that we can use "REPORT" entry point to do that.

    After some tests, we see that "REPORT" subroutine is called before the report…

  • Remittance Advices for Multiple Supplier


    I wish to be able to generate and email remittance advices to suppliers from Sage X3 / EM (v11) and currently I have a Crystal report setup which groups by payment header on the relevant remittance number.

    This currently only generates a single pdf…

  • Emailing a daily (custom) report

    Is it possible to have a recurring task to email a custom report.

    I made a report that basically shows all Misc. Issues and Receipts for the previous weekday.

    I would like to set up a workflow/recurring task to email this to a user every day.

    One of…

  • How can i print the Invoice without Download ?


    Can X3 Print the Invoice/Purchase Order/Sale Order without downloading the document ? Does this feature is available ??

    Thank you


  • Dynamic file name when exporting a report

    We would like to export reports to our server but use a dynamic file name.  For example, when exporting an invoice, save the document as the Invoice Number for the file name.  Has anyone been able to do this?  Thanks!