• Sending reports with outlook

    Does anyone know if it's possible to integrate Outlook with Sage X3?  We want Sage to open an new outlook message when we pick the email report option.  Right now when it sends an email, it doesn't show anything in the sent items in outlook.  We…

  • Can x3 make maintenance management ?

    Can x3 make  maintenance management or it's necessary to establish the link to a CMMS software ?

    The ideia is to make projects, establish deadlines, objectives, costs and maintain process connected, and if it is possible all in the ERP.

  • MS SQLServer 2022


    From which version will MS SqlServer 2022 be certified for Sage x3?

    2023 R1?

    Br, Mikael
  • X3_PUB {Web Service name} XML - No more paths available


    We have been recently receiving the following error below and it's almost all are Web Service calls to fail, can't figure out what is causing the issue, any help would be appreciated.

    {"code":"SAGE_X3_ERROR_MESSAGE","defaultMessage":"X3 Error…

  • SYRACUSE WS Unauthorized error


    I'm trying to use X3 V12 webservices from PHP application, below the code I used to save a new order : 

    $soapclient=new SoapClient($wsdl, $options);
        $callContext = array('codeLang'=>$code_lang, 'codeUser'=>$username, 'password'=>$password, 'poolAlias…
  • Can Sage X3 integrate with Jira Service Management?


    I have an unusual request from a client for Sage X3 integration with Jira Service Management: https://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/service-management

    Does Sage X3 support Jira Service Management?

  • Web service call issue

    Hi All,

    I am trying to call the web service using the SOUP UI Application but it is giving me error in the screenshot attached. Can anyone please help to resolve it?




    During the last 6 months Sevways, portuguese SAGE X3 partner, developed the necessary vertical add-on to comply with the local requirements, particularly EFAT solution, which integrates each Invoice issued directly through webservices with the Local Tax…

  • Sage X3 and HubSpot

    I have a client that is using HubSpot for marketing.    We want to exchange information with Sage X3.   Has anyone done that integration or know of a company that has it?   I've found several companies claiming to have the tools to do this but none of them…

  • GraphQL for custom Fields


    I am building an app, and my goal is to interface with my clients product information (they are using X3).

    Most of them have custom fields in master data -> product.

    Right now, we didn't find a way to query custom fields via GraphQl implementation…

  • New Relic with Sage X3

    Hi all,

    I was reading: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/public/getting-started_configuration-file-nodelocal.html

    and noticed this:

    Anyone have experience using it and how to get it to work?

    Also, is there a patch version limitation I need to…

  • Error Testing SOAP X3 webservice AOWSEXPORT with CHRONO "YES"


    I am trying to Export a template using webservice AOWSEXPORT with chrono "YES" using SOAPUI. But I am getting error or the result set has zero even after modifying or adding a record using Import.

    If I say Choro is NO webservice is returning…

  • Web service return document


    We want to create a Web Service that returns a document (sales order) in array format of bytes (base 64?).

    It's posible? Any ideas?

    Thants in advance.



    Hi everyone, I get stuck in a problem due to not knowing how to return an array from a Funprog

    I mean, I'd like to know if it is possible how to return an array from a Funprog

    Something like: 


  • How to retrieve message error if a funcion "modify" fails


    I try to use a Web service connected to Sage X3, using the method "modify" of CAdxResultXml object. It works fine if the modify process success.

    But if the method fails (es an article blocked from another user) the resultXml property is…

  • upload the .CSV file to SageX3 to create Sales Orders

    Hello all,

    our company recently purchased Sage X3 license. We have a e-commerce website that creates sales orders in Sage X3. But some customers places the orders through email in bulk using Excel spread sheet. 

    I want to upload this spreadsheet/csv to…

  • EDI providers in United States

    So I have seen presentations from Truecommerce and SPScommerce. It seems neither of these use the built in EDI abilities of X3.

    That makes me think I am missing something. The providers mentioned in the X3 documentation on the EDI module all seem to be…

  • Link External Documents (Sharepoint, OneDrive, ...) - Document Management - Transactions and Records

    Does anyone know and/or have any idea how we can attach external links such as files from Sharepoint, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, etc… to the Sage X3 STD document management system?

    Thank you very much!

  • SAML2 for Google


    While setting up custom SAML2 for Sage X3 for Google Workspace, I found this issue:

    Checking the docs:

    Checking the custom SAML2 is ok on my account:

    I copied Entity ID directly from Google:

    I have created a user linked directly to my accoun…

  • web services failures

    I have encountered a strange issue with X3 SOAP web services.  I will make a call to a web service, and it returns a status code of 0 (failed), with no error messages.  If I immediately retry the same web service and payload, it works successfully.  I have…

  • Graphql Onpremise setup

    Hello everyone,

    I'm developing a middleware to integrate Sage X3 with a 3PL and I want to use GraphQL services but I'm not able to connect because I haven't found the correct Endpoint,

    I already try with "{{server}}/v1/service/PROD/api…

  • Signature capture for truck deliveries

    Does anyone use an electronic device for signature capture when making truck deliveries, and have that signature automatically feed into X3? Not looking for truck routing/management software, just signature capture for deliveries.


  • Reverse proxy and use of SOAP websevices


    We have a customer where the IT team setup a reverse proxy.

    At this stage i fail to conect to sage x3 via soap webservices , command i do i get an empty response.

    i know that the sage x3 part works fine, i tested the webservices, they read fine. the…

  • Export data excel Addin


    Data is not being loaded when excel download from landing page:

    This screen appears and nothing happens:

    Is there any parameterization that needs to be done? Or an Addin Hotfix?