• Stock Change shows 0 stock available

    In the stock change window, it shows that I have 0 stock available for the product I am wanting to change. I have already looked and it is not allocated to anything and have done a stock resynchronization. Can anyone help with this? 

  • Process wise stock location auto selection

    Hi i need to setup a process so that locations are auto selected based on type of transaction and process for ex. 

    Here if I select the receipt type as "Return receipt", then system should auto select the location code as "RETURN"…

  • Allocation & Issue Rules

    Please HELP!

    Problem: Currently, we can't allocate sales orders at a detailed level according to "unit of measure". At one point in a selling season we have sales orders for items that ship parcel (eaches) & those same items also ship LTL/ Full truckload…

  • Product Sage X3 is only licensed until version 11 but version 99 is requested


    Any idea about this error Message

    Product Sage X3 is only licensed until version 11 but version 99 is requested.

    It happens when changing Endpoint.

    I have tried the solution provided by sage but the error.


  • Journal entry transaction list does not display fully

    Hi all,

    When accessing Journal entry function (GESGAS), list of transactions activated are not displayed accordingly, it jump directly to the default entry transaction STDCO set in parameter values SCHSTDC

    Noted that my current folder created & copied…

  • retrieve file creation date


    I would like to know if it is possible to retrieve file creation date from script.
    Example C:\SAFEX3\... or C:\Test\myfile.txt

    the goal would be to delete files older than 3 months so that they are not imported by a reccuring task.

    Is it possible…

  • Impersonate a user

    An Administrative user at a client has asked if there is a way for him to "impersonate" a user without having to log in as that user.    This way he could test the user menu and security settings without being logged in as that person.

    Is there…

  • Proforma Invoices

    Currently we create a proforma so that we could send an invoice to a customer in order to receive payment before the items ship.  However, we are not posting these proforma invoices.  We receive the payment and it sits on their account until the product…

  • Error in deleting supplier address

    I just created a new supplier by using the copy feature and I want to delete the address code and create a different code.  I'm getting the below error but don't understand why as it is referencing Customer.  I created the account within the Supplier…

  • Question: Increasing User code length from 5 to an arbitrary number


    At Setup > Users, can I increase the user code length from 5 to an arbitrary number (like say, 30)?

    Client would like to have longer user code as per LDAP AD settings used (for example, in this case, would prefer to have `leechunheng` as user code…

  • How do you activate price lists

    Just realized the Active box is unchecked on a price list.  How do you activate?  thanks

  • [X3 Print Server] Question on minimum access permission required to run Sage X3 Print Server service account.


    Specific limitation: I cannot use Windows default `Administrators` group. At the moment, the service account is using `Users` group.

    Sage X3 runtime and Syracuse (after redo of the passphrase for service account) are fine at the moment.

    When I configure…

  • [X3v12] Pressing Navigation Page lead to pure whiteout and blank screen after a new group and role creation


    Not sure the exact steps but this normally occurs after I set up Security Profile, Roles, Groups, and a user for a test run in Syracuse Administration module.

    Often occurs in Google Chrome.

    I normally use Firefox as an emergency when this occurs.

  • [x3v12p33] Notification server: Microsoft 365 with OAuth2 authentication (Modern Authentication), how?

  • [AWS-X3v12] Question on how to set Batch Server's Timezone for query submissions


    For context, X3 (v12p33) is installed in one AWS EC2 with a separate server connecting to AWS RDS for database.

    On EC2 instance, it is set to UTC+8.

    X3 Runtime is at EC2 instance which is set at UTC+8.

    When I try to run a query for the Batch Server…

  • Purchase Receipt - Multiple lines same Lot for Barcoding


    I want to receive a purchase order scanning the barcode of each box even if they have the same LOT and product code.

    Exemple : I receive 4 boxes of a product Code A with same lot #  and different quantity (Receive by box scanning) 

    Want to have 4…

  • HTML email text in workflow rules


    Need a small help, where's the how-to guide link: online-help.sageerpx3.com/.../RELNOTE_V12.0.33.htm

  • Pinning Navigation Page as the default main page over the Landing/Home Page in Sage X3 v11 onwards.


    Referenced: https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage_x3/i/technical/v12---allow-a-static-navigation-page-as-the-default-view-rather-than-a-landing-page

    I have a client moving up from Sage X3 pu9 to Sage X3 v12.

    In Sage X3 pu9, you can decide to use the dedicated…

  • Stock Valuation Period Resync

    Hello, I am trying to setup a recurring task for the Stock Valuation Period Resync (FUNSYNPIT) function. The question I have is how do I set the parameters for the Fiscal Year and the Period so they are always the current ones? I haven't been able to…

  • [X3 console; v12 onwards] Question on SQL Server role for Sage X3 v12 installation.


    This is a question for Sage X3 v12 onwards X3 console. Older console versions I know were inevitable to use `sa` account only.

    Link reference: online-help.sageerpx3.com/.../prerequisites_windows-sql-server.html

    Is `sysadmin` role level required for…

  • ADSC Testing

    Get to "create " button and this error message pops up "An error has occurred(connexion or webservice error). Please contact your administrator"

  • REST Web Services to Show Multiple-dimensional Properties and Their Values

    Greetings everyone, I have faced a bottleneck regarding REST web services and Representation which is I need help to retrieve any data I expected to see from the API platform.

    Presentation and classes I recently created, both named ''ZGACCENTRYA", which…

  • REST API via customized Representation and Classes get Error 404

    I planned to make a REST API through a new representation and class both named 'ZGACCENTRYA' based on the data source of GACCENTRYA.

    My main objective is for the REST API able to call out the value of 'DIE' and 'CCE' with multiple dimensions via…

  • [v12p32] Question about SUP > ATC > ATTSECUR, where the file is actually stored?


    Reference used: https://online-help.sageerpx3.com/erp/12/wp-static-content/public/Attachments/Content/How-to%20guides/Platform/Attachments/T1%20Attachments.htm

    For maintenance purpose, may I know where the secure files are stored?

    This is important…

  • Question on Forward Dating a Production Tracking Record

    Does anyone know of a setting to allow for the forward dating of a production tracking record?

    I have a dynamic where on the last workday of the month the Accounting department wishes to close the stock module at the end before they go home (~ 5pm).