• [X3v12-4GL] In Script editor, how to open a X3 Storage Area folder to reads its filelist names?


    4GL Development question. Not sure the keyword to find for these.

    In 4GL, I know I can just manually put in the hardcode filepath to open through SYSTEME2 raw OS cmd call but it is very annoying to maintain (about 5+ scripts to update) every time…

  • Display modified fields in a workflow programmatically


    I have created a simple workflow and script to display fields that have been modified in a PO where the cost is over $10,000. This works by checking the [M] field against the base [F:POH] field, and using RETVAL to display the changed information…

  • SAFE X3 - DelFile comand

    Hi, how can I make the equivalent Del *.* or Del *.txt command execute with the DelFile statement?

    It seems that it only accepts paths with precise filename indications, such as [xxx]/abc/123.txt and instead [xxx]/abc/*.txt fails.


  • Edit a screen field from script


    I have a process that sends workflow mail via existing product sites with safety stock, and after it runs, I'd like to set their respective safety stocks to 0. I've marked where I would like to implement this code in my code snippet.


  • 4GL syntax


    I'm new in Sage development: I'm studing 4GL for the first time.

    In a Sage program, I found this variable reference:


    Whats mean [M:]?

    Is a local memory table?

    Thanks in advance