Manually Matching does not balance because of customer discounts


I am trying to clear items from the AR aging report that have been paid but apparently not matched to invoices and a credit memo.  If discounts have been taken - how do I make the matching balance?  

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    Hi Nancy,

    From what I understand you have an unalocated payment left in the customer account that doesn't 100% balance the invoice due to discount.

    Here are the options I see to get your payment balaced.

    • Apply discount from the payment

    If your payment has been recoreded irecently you can apply the discount directly from the the payment.

    - Go on payment entry function on the given payment
    - Do an accounting cancellation (that will reverse the accounting journal previously posted)
    - Add your invoice into the payment lines and another line for the discount amount
    - Post again your payment

    If some matching adjustments have been manually done in the AR account after the payment was posted the first time, I advise not to use this option.

    • Use the profit and loss matching threshold

    By using the MTCRND (for manual matching) or MTCRNDBAT (automatic matching) you can generate a loss GL entry that will balance your matching group.
    The threshold must be upper than the discount value to apply, and the AR account must have the "Profit and loss" checkbox flagged (from acount setup function).

    The account use to balance the matching difference could be different than the one expected for disount posting.

    • Create manual adjustments to balance your matching

    The best way if you need to allocate the matching difference amount to a given acount, but you need to manually enter your General adjustment to get the matching balanced.

    I hope it could help you