• Query tool - How to get data from custom fields

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a Query to get some info about a item.

    Table ITMMASTER; Field ITMREF; Others Fields by default.

    The info that i need is related with a Custom Field, where i need the value of the field and their descripton. 

    Table ITMMASTE…

  • Required stock in-transit reconciliation report.

    Amount is being posted into In-transit account through inter-site transfer and container management, but not able to reconcile. Hence need a report to reconcile the transactions with Goods In-transit A/c.  

  • Looking for description data for Payment Terms, Carrier, Delivery Mode

    Hello community, 

    I am trying to add some description data to a customer facing crystal report and noticed I am only pulling the ID/ Code of the certain fields but need to show the full description of what that id/code is. Trying to add the descriptions…

  • Last transaction dates/Inventory

    Hi all - I'm using Microsoft Query to extract info from the system and it appears whats happening is if the item has a few bin location the data is being returned in that manner meaning I could have the same item listed a few times

    Looking for a means…

  • 4GL embedded Sql query presenting error on script run.

    Let me start by saying: Everything is DONE, except the sql query fails. This is the last piece holding up deployment.

    I am trying to embed a sql query in a 4gl script to pull specific data into a variable set, then email the results on a nightly scheduled…

  • Row Level Permissions on Query Reports

    Hello All,

    I am trying to setup row level permissions on Query reports so that users can see data only specific to their site. I was able to setup the row level permission on all the transaction screens, but I am not sure how to setup similar permissions…